Just Do It Campaign Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-07

Communication is a crucial aspect of daily life that forms the basis of organisational management. Communication in the organization can be defined as the sending and receiving of information among individuals who are interrelated and set within a specific setting or environment whose main aim is to achieve an individual and common goal (Barnlund, 2017). Various factors such as contest and culture play an important role in communication within the organization. It is critical to the accomplishment of functions and responsibilities, acclimating changes in the organization, completion of the tasks through the various operation as well as the development of relationships in the humans within the organization. This essay discusses how managers in Nike have used communication in the "Just Do It" ad Campaign.

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In its Just Do It campaign, Nike is known for its advertising as well as its athletes. The manager uses the athletes for this campaign as their brand ambassadors and is seen in the same light as advertising, product, and the people working at Nike. By employing a methodology that uses the personality of the athletes such as Marion Jones, Ian Botham, and Ronaldo together with the brand leading to the creation of a multi-faceted brand. By using the Just Do It campaign, managers and leaders at Nike have successfully delivered a broad variety of messages as well as expressing the various aspect of its personality. Therefore, the organization through its communication channels remains true to its athletic experiences, besides helping in keeping the brand fresh.

The organization mainly focuses on using celebrities and athletes as a channel to appeal to its consumers. For example, the 1980s fitness craze, Nike was able to tap into it despite the presence of Reebok as a significant shareholder in the market share of the sneaker business as well as the aerobics race. The managers at Nike can convince the consumers that Nike is a quality brand to be picked among its competitors. The managers used sports such as John McEnroe, and Bo Jackson was crucial in the effective portrayal of this message by the leaders of the organization. The message was powerful and shamed the consumers into exercising by utilising Nike. For example, through using athletes such as Michael Jordan, who uses Nike to play an entire season of NBA, then the consumers will not doubt the durability of Nike.

In the Just Do It the managers primarily used aggressive and passive-aggressive styles of communication to ensure that their message reaches their customers as well as the investors. The organization focuses on providing that the both its brand and renaissance can survive in the competition. Therefore, the managers are required to be aggressive and compete with companies such as Reebok in the market share for sneakers. It aims to target every individual in America and around the world. It is only through this aggression that Nike has been able to effectively conduct their Just Do It campaign and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors such as Reebok. The managers and leaders at the organization focused on the product, as well as the individual undertaking the marketing through interesting ads and casual jokes.


The Just Do It campaign by Nike has been successful in helping the success of Nike products among its competitors. The manager and leaders at Nike employ a powerful technique that involves the use of celebrities and famous athletes to reach the consumers and investors. In the communication of the message, the organization employs an aggressive and passive-aggressive style of communication to help them gain a competitive advantage and ensure that their consumers are satisfied through the use of an effective marketing strategy involving advertising practices to establish a strong and stable brand and obtain the highest market share.


Barnlund, D. C. (2017). A transactional model of communication. In Communication theory (pp. 47-57). Routledge.

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