21st Century Learning: Strategies for Mind, Body, and Soul - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-01


The learning strategies in the 21st century have advanced in the education sector. Learning in the 21st century requires learners to have critical thinking and communication skills. Students and facilitators need to adopt new advancements in the education sector. The mind, body, and soul of a learner should be working properly. If the student is struggling with poor performance, before joining the next grade the facilitator should attempt many options that can improve the performance. The mind of physical education is essential for the success of the students (Raheim, & Lu,2014). The students should be engaged in physical activities during the day such as P.E. Active involvement of students to P.E improves the health and performance. The students are taught Christian education such as prayers in schools. They help the mind, body, and soul of human beings. They reduce anxiety during examinations and it can help improve the performance. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the learning strategies mind body and the soul for the 21st century (Raheim, & Lu, 2014).

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Some of the learning strategies that improve critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, creativity, and self-direction and assessment include negotiating on important agreements such as punctuality and neatness. The student should keep time and observe neatness (Soule, & Wamke,2015). They should submit their assignments and classwork on time. The issues are discussed between the facilitator and student and it encourages smooth learning and discipline. The facilitators should pair the learners; assign them with group work, and individual assignments. It enables learners to share skills and abilities. In their group work, the facilitator can assign the learners to prepare a script and present it using a PowerPoint presentation. The learners should be educated on how to prepare PowerPoint presentations and hard copies work which is well-formatted (Soule, & Wamke,2015).

Students, through their facilitator, should be able to identify and use the tools and methods for data collection such as interviews, questionnaires, and surveys. The facilitator should identify the best data collection tools and methods for the learners. They should be able to research and use reference techniques with minimal or no plagiarism. The facilitators should use techniques that make the study simpler for the students, such as Venn diagrams and mind mapping (Soule, & Wamke, 2015). The learners should be grouped in learning circles. Each circle should consist of a mix of students with different abilities. For example, those who are poor are subject should be grouped with those with high subject levels to ensure appropriate revision of classwork. The learners should frame their questions as to their class assignment. It helps them in skim reading and to unpack the questions. They help the facilitator also to assess the learning of students (Soule, & Wamke, 2015).

Learning in the 21st century requires numerous areas of human development. The students should have adequate knowledge and skills in technologies. It enables students to understand the human development process such as morals. For example, students should have proper critical thinking (Raheim, & Lu, 2014). They should be able to frame questions such as open-end questions that require students to justify. It enables students to feel free when corrected and criticized by their fellow students. It creates room for students to discuss their ideas making problem-solving easier and health class discussion (Raheim, & Lu, 2014).


In conclusion, learners should efficiently adapt to the advanced education sector in the 21st century. They should ensure the human well-being: mind, body, and soul are working properly to improve their academic performance. The mind of physical education is essential for the success of the students. To improve their body fitness, they should attend P.E. They should adopt learning strategies such as studying groups, research, and reference, observing time and learning circles. It helps learners to improve academic performance through sharing knowledge and skills. For example, their group work, the facilitator can assign the learners to prepare a script and present it using a PowerPoint presentation


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Soule, H., & Warrick, T. (2015). Defining 21st-century readiness for all students: What we know and how to get there. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, 9(2), 178. Retrieved from: https://psycnet.apa.org/record/2015-21002-008

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