How to Write a Research Paper Without Plagiarizing?

How to Write a Research Paper Without Plagiarizing?

Published by on 2021-06-01 10:37:20

The life of each student is a continuous search for info and the completion of various tasks. Every day you have to write a piece of paper. The process itself is quite complicated since you should constantly look for reliable sources and fulfill your professor's requirements. But what if this is just a small part of the complexities that await you?

Typically, most students ask the same questions, like, "How to write a research paper without plagiarizing?" The problem is that the proposal's originality is as important as the research and hard data you find. What's the point in completing the assignment if more than 80% of the text is copied from third-party sources? That is why you need to create your strategy in advance.

How to Write a Research Paper Without Citing Everything – the Main Tips

Write From Scratch

There are rare cases when your thoughts are based on other people's judgments and are very similar to some article or research. But, as a rule, if you write your assignment from scratch, you will never have problems. Many students ask questions like, "How to avoid plagiarism in a research paper? This is unrealistic!" Don't panic. Of course, you will have to refer to any research and base your judgments on well-known data. But think about why Turnitin and other apps might find copying?

The main problem is that some students copy individual sentences or even entire paragraphs. There is nothing wrong with taking someone else's research as a basis. But you don't have to be so reckless. Research your topic, find proven facts and write from scratch. Then you will not have problems because some parts of your assignment will not be original.

Rewrite Paper to Avoid Plagiarism

What could be easier? Find some data, articles, or research results. Swap words, rephrase and try to breathe new life into old words. Many anti-cheating search services are based on the shingles method. This means that the application breaks all sentences into separate parts and looks for the canonical source. If you formulate your thoughts differently and do not copy all the sentences, you have every chance to make your task original.

Use Less Quotes

Many students like to add quotes to reinforce any judgment and make their opinion more meaningful. But the problem is, long quotes are a disaster for originality. How to write a research paper without plagiarism? Everything is very simple. If you can refuse quotes, then try to rephrase all sentences. You can and should still cite the source. But you should only provide basic facts or statistics. Try to restructure the sentence completely. Then your task will be original.

Paraphrase Everything

Here's another example of letting you know how to write a paper without plagiarizing. Sometimes you just need to analyze the example and rewrite the data in a more concise and structured way. Highlight a few paragraphs and write your assignment from scratch. Paraphrasing works well when you understand what you are writing about and can retain the meaning while changing the entire structure of the sentences. Practice this writing trick before getting started.

Know When to Cite

How to avoid plagiarism essays? There is one great life hack that can help you avoid hours of sessions and sleepless nights. If you describe well-known facts and terms, you do not need to quote the source. No need to copy the information verbatim. You can casually mention where and under what circumstances the research was carried out and indicate who could formulate a theory or achieve a result. Your task is to achieve maximum originality. Ask your professor what the limit of citations is ok.

Know Your Enemy

Victory is impossible without preliminary reconnaissance. It is this rule that should become fundamental for you. Let's take a look at the types of copying. Then it will be easier for you to understand what actions you should not do:

  1. Direct copying. This is the boldest and reckless type of cheating when someone copies a file from the web. Never pass off someone else's assignment as yours. Such deception is very easy to expose.
  2. Failing to credit. This is a common option when someone draws conclusions based on some research but does not indicate the source and does not confirm the correctness of judgments with personal data.
  3. Mosaic copying. This name appeared for a reason. This type of copying is like a jigsaw puzzle in that students often just add some words or swap any parts. The result is a mix of old proposals and those that can be found on the web.
  4. Auto-copying. Some students think that combining several papers is a good idea. Unfortunately, your professor doesn't think so. Copying paragraphs and entire sections are still frowned upon by the scientific community, no matter if it is an outline, methods or results setion.

How to Write an Essay Without Plagiarizing?

As a rule, you need to cite sources, do research, and spend a lot of time achieving originality. But most essays take much less time to find information. Even if you find a great sample, you can rephrase the main postulates. Here are some basic steps you need to take:

  1. Read the original text.
  2. Create a draft.
  3. Write down and rephrase your key sentences.
  4. Rewrite all paragraphs, changing structure and transition words.
  5. Check your essay.

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with sticking to the source. Many studies are based on scientific journals and publications. All you need is a little creativity. Read the source and retell it in detail. Then your task will be original. Many people might ask a question like, "How to summarize an article without plagiarizing?" Well, you need to be laconic and organize all the data that you have and don't forget to carefully edit your paper and properly format it. Take a look at samples and stick to a similar structure. But don't blindly copy every sentence.

How to Write a Biography Without Plagiarism?

Cheating is the deliberate copying of other people's ideas that you present to someone as yours. If you add any research data or scientific articles to your task, it will not be considered copying. Ask your professor about it. Alternatively, you can choose a different list of sources or add those links that are not in the original paper. Then you will have no problem with your assignment. Try to think creatively. No need to copy this part of the paper. Find 2-4 samples and create a bibliography based on the data provided. This option will be the most acceptable.