How to Write a Research Paper Outline in College

How to Write a Research Paper Outline in College

Published by on 2021-06-01 11:04:21

Knowledge has bitter roots but sweet fruits. Nobody promises you that college is going to be easy. You have to plunge into the world of science, research, and constant self-development. Without this, your progress as a person is impossible. That is why you have to prepare for a huge number of tasks. One of the most important is a research paper. Get ready to search for credible sources, test theory in practice, and record every step you take. You have to start with making a college research paper outline.

But why would anyone do this part of the assignment? What is the main point? The fact is that this is a kind of a plan for your actions. With a clear structure and sequence, you can organize all your ideas, link some data and know for sure that you have not missed anything important. Take a look at any college research paper template. You will likely see how much easier it is to find information thanks to bullet points.

How to Create an Outline for a Research Paper Like a Pro?

An ounce of knowledge may be worth a pound of comfort. Be patient and take at least 30 minutes to make at least a draft. The fact is that your entire plan of action depends on a small list with sections and sub-items. Let's not draw this out into a lifetime special. Let's face it. Most people often ask questions like, "How to write an outline for a research paper?" Even though it seems difficult, you can easily cope with the task. Just stick to the basic rules:

  1. Decide on the type of assignment and the number of paragraphs.
  2. Choose a topic from the list or come up with something original.
  3. Collect all the hyperlinks, books, and quotes you need.
  4. Gather all the information and do your research.
  5. Create your outline as required.
  6. Stick to the parallel structure.

College Research Paper Template

The point is that a research paper outline is a pretty easy part of your assignment if you know the rules. No man is his craft's master the first day. Pay special attention to this part of your assignment. Practice and try to keep each point as concise as possible. Then you will have no problem getting down to the main part.

Typical College Research Paper Outline Example

Example teaches better than precept. This is the main rule that has existed for more than one millennium. You can listen to someone for hours, hoping to find out the details. But what's the point if you can take five minutes and see a simple example? All you need is a little patience.

Topic: COVID-19 and the vaccination debate

I. Intro
  1. Definition of COVID-19
  2. The rate of infection of new people in cities where the rate of the pandemic has been reduced.
  3. Figures - number of cases that have been reported in the last year. Correlation and factors of vaccination.
  1. Symptoms and course of the disease
  2. Fatality statistics and overall risks for infected people
  3. Coronavirus spread format


  1. Methods of dealing with the disease in various countries
  2. Immunization, debate and pros and cons of certain vaccines
  3. Statistics based on some regions of Europe and the USA
  1. The main symptoms of the mutated virus and the risks of complications
  2. Concomitant diseases and possible effects
  3. Death statistics from COVID-19
  1. Summary of arguments of different groups
  2. Summary based on statistics
  3. General conclusion based on statistics from American and European medical centers
As you can see, this college research paper outline format is easy enough to repeat. All you need is a little time. Reserve at least 30-60 minutes to complete all basic tasks. Remember to keep all sources and make a detailed draft. Soon learned, soon forgotten. This is why you need to structure your assignment carefully.

Top Tips on How to Do a Research Outline

Good Topic Is a Must

Knowledge, like physics, is more plague than profit if it arrives too late. This is why you should think in advance about choosing a good topic. Think about what will be interesting for you. Can you find information quickly, or is it better to choose a simpler topic? The point is, your job is to make your paper easier for you. If you take a very broad topic, you have to search for data bit by bit for weeks. Find a simpler option, so you don't have to ask anyone, "How to write a good outline for a research paper?" You can even ask your professor for help.

How to Write a College Level Research Paper

Start With a Draft

Such a complex and multifaceted task cannot be written from scratch without a draft. Most likely, you will want to add, change or remove some items as you work. Start with a couple of key sentences, definitions, and basic structure. Once you complete a few paragraphs, you will see what needs to be corrected. Then you won't need to call your friends and say something like, "How to write a college level research paper?" You should be forward-thinking and anticipate this scenario.

Brainstorming Is a Must

Explore all the ideas, practice, and find good examples. Once you find a good structure of the research paper outline, you can make small changes. Then it will be easier for you to get started. There is nothing wrong with taking a task as a basis. You just need to rephrase all the points so that your paper is original.

Revision of the Original Draft

Repetition is the mother of learning! Revise what you wrote. Perhaps you should choose a more precise wording in any paragraph or supplement the list. Don't be afraid to make changes. If you meet all the deadlines, then no one will forbid you to polish every proposal. Then you don't have to write to anyone, "How to create a research paper outline?" Most likely, you will succeed. You just need to be careful.

How to Write a History Research Paper Outline?

You should stick to chronological order as a rule if you are describing any political, military, or historical events. Divide your draft into several parts, depending on the period described. You can also use dates and terms to help you discover your topic. Do not forget to look for reliable sources so that all events and data are truthful. Then you can organize all the information and avoid trivial mistakes. It should be noted that the formatting of such paper does not differ from other options. You will have to use Roman and Arabic numerals and letters.