Essay Sample on Women and Employment

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Date:  2022-04-04


Women and their gender role in the society it has created major debates in different parts of the world. The world has a high expectation of women where they have been assigned roles of domestic activities associated with taking the career of families and bearing children. Women have for many years been limited to what they can achieve in the society. However, the society is slowly changing the aspects of women growing day by day. Women now vote and have access to equal opportunity as men. However, unlike men women cannot have it all. Women are represented more today than at any time in history. However, the equality for which most of them seek is not like the one that men enjoy. We still live in a world ruled by men and therefore, live in a world based on their perspective. According to Sandberg's Lean in, there is much to do when it comes to uplifting women. Despite the various shortcomings of the society associated with the high demands, women face in their lives. Sandberg seeks to push them to their limit and shows them that they can still be great at their careers and also be excellent wives and mothers at home (Anderson, 2015).

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The issue of why men at top positions till do not earn as much as men or the general debate about women and how they get paid less than men is a great factor of their roles in society. One aspect to understand is that men have equal chances of employment after college. However, after a few years of employment, they have assumed other roles at home associated with being wives and taking care of children. The society, therefore, considers women as having limitations when it comes to the profession because of their duties at home (Sandberg, 2013).

Women, therefore, hold very sensitive positions in society because of their conflicting roles. However, Sandberg encourages women to find a balance between the two. There is a perception that striking such a balance is close to impossible, but some women have managed to develop it. Women have to find support from their spouses regarding career and professionals support and development. Women also find it difficult to ask for promotions and to ask for raise yet they are as capable as their male counterparts. The notions of women as incapable is responsible for the perpetuation of negative ideologies and belief in their capabilities. Sandberg, therefore, takes the opportunity to encourage women to be courageous enough to identify their strengths and capabilities to be able to be strong in their careers and professions (Sandberg, 2013).


Women, therefore, face many challenges especially in the workplace because of the negative stereotypes about them that have existed for many years. One negative stereotype is that women cannot be a leader. This is a stereotype that has limited countless women in leadership positions. It is however biased because of the number of women that have proven themselves countless times. From time to time women have proven the society wrong by living up and beyond its expectations. The current gender stereotypes were established based on the men's perspective of women. These are notions and ideologies that are obsolete. Women are fully capable of leadership and top professional positions. There can also be considered as superhuman because of their ability to balance between their domestic duties and their professional duties (Anderson, 2015).


Anderson, M. L. (2015) Thinking about Woman, Sociological Perspectives on Sex and Gender. US: Pearson Education, Inc.

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