YBA Kanoo Group: A Multinational Conglomerate since 1890 - Essay Sample

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Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Group is a privately held business conglomerate that was founded in 1890 as a family shipping and trading business. Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo also referred to YBA Kanoo Group's later evolved and expanded into a diversified conglomerate multinational organization providing a wide range of products and services. The group's headquarters are based in Manama, Bahrain. YBA Kanoo Group operates in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and North Africa with over 4000 employees. The multinational organization has several business groups which are Kanoo Capital, Shipping and Logistics, Industrial and Energy, Real Estate, and Travel.

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YBA Kanoo Groups' mission is to deliver sustainable excellence by providing quality service to its customers.


YBA Kanoo Group's vision is to be the best family business in the Middle East Region and beyond. The organization is governed by a commitment to social responsibility, ethics, and economic progress.

Some of the organization's significant achievements are the establishment of Kanoo Shipping in 1911, the establishment of Kanoo travel in 1938, YBA Kanoo Group opening its first offices in Saudi Arabia and entering into a contract with ARAMCO oil company, the establishment of Kanoo Machinery in 1970, and Kanoo business groups receiving ISO certifications.

The Saudi Federation for Cyber Security and Programming

The Saudi Federation for Cyber Security and Programming (SAFCSP) is a national institution that is aimed at building cybersecurity and programming capabilities. The institution seeks to speed up Saudi Arabia's technological development and innovation to the rank of developed countries. The institution's vision is to be a leading innovator in cybersecurity and programming both regionally and internationally. Its mission is to build cybersecurity and programming capabilities through education, awareness, and support based practices.

Organization Structure

YBA Kanoo Group Organizational Chart

The group management committee oversees the organization's business divisions. The group management and divisional CEO's are responsible for running operations of the organization. The management team is made of a group-level and divisional CEO's team. YBA Kanoo Group is overseen by the board of directors who establish management policies and come up with group-level decisions for the organization.

Information Security Infrastructure

Every company needs an information security program or infrastructure to ensure the safety of its information assets. An information security infrastructure provides a framework to keep the organization at a desired security level while assessing the risks that the organization faces. An information security infrastructure protects a company's most valuable asset, which is data. A security program ensures proper management of data and adequately laid steps of mitigating data risks.

Information security management systems are procedures and policies that guide the systematic management of organizations' data. Information Security Management System (ISMS) reduces the risks by limiting the effects of a security breach. YBA Kanoo Group utilizes an information security management system that addresses the company's processes, employee behavior, data, and technology. Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Group achieved its international organization for Standardization (ISO) certification for its information management system commonly referred to as ISO/IEC 27001:2013. ISO certification provides for the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of information management systems within an organization. ISO certification includes assessment and treatment needs of information security issues tailored to meet the needs of an organization. A certification is a systematic approach that is used by the organization in the management of its information.

YBA Kanoo group IMS contains various sections which include: a clear description of the process for systematic management of information issues, outlining procedures which identify, analyze, and concise plan to solve information risks and providing adequate support for risk management solutions, evaluating performances and addressing findings of reviews and audits thus giving room for improvement.

The ISMS is useful in protecting customer data an internal organization information from unauthorized personnel. The management systems protect the credibility, integrity, and accuracy of the organization's data as it is only modified the company's authorized personnel. ISMS is essential because it minimizes downtime of Information technology-related systems, reduces security-related incidents, enhances the quality of service, they quickly identify and manage risks, they improve customer satisfaction by demonstrating that security risks are appropriately tackled.

YBA Kanoo uses cyber-security monitoring and management services which are provided by VIVA Bahrain. The outsourced security system is used to monitor YBA Kanoo's business and facilities in Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. VIVA's threat intelligence platform, and security operations center provides the group with full visibility of potential cybercrimes and cyber threats before they occur. The cybersecurity monitoring and management system help the organization with cyber compliance and data protection, therefore, ensuring YBA Kanoo Group's data and their client's data is safe. In the 21st century, robust security systems for data protection come in handy in protecting the organization's reputation, minimizing risks of fines, and attracting new customers, especially when venturing in new business.

Description of Work

Business analysts help organizations to improve their systems and processes. Business analysts are tasked with conducting research and analysis and coming up with a solution to business challenges. Through data analysis, business analysts improve the efficiency of an organization's processes and systems. Business analysts bridge the gap between business and information technology by using data analytics hence, and they can deliver data-driven recommendations. The analysts are responsible for designing new models that enhance business decisions by collaboration with IT and financial reporting teams to establish strategies and initiatives to optimize costs.

Boot camps are designed for people to learn new skills. During my internship, we had a book camp at Saudi Federation for Cyber Security and Programming (SAFCSP). At the boot camp, we learned programming and cybersecurity skills to fight cyber-crimes. The institution's training and educational initiatives help in building competencies. The boot camp provided an opportunity to participate in competitions on cybersecurity and programming organized by SAFCSP.


  • Morning Afternoon
  • Monday Daily start-up meeting
  • Training sessions
  • Sporting data patterns Developing documentation for new projects
  • Tuesday Daily start-up meeting
  • Collecting data and setting up infrastructure Updating the existing documentation to suit the client change results
  • Preparation of workshop material
  • Wednesday Daily start-up meeting
  • Attending workshops
  • Helping developers with questions and problems
  • Thursday Daily start-up meeting
  • Creating mockups
  • Friday Daily start-up meeting
  • Engaging stakeholders Producing weekly reports
  • Delivering synthesis of meetings with the stakeholders.

Description of Projects

Projects are company undertakings that are focused on specific tasks and targets. Projects could be done for customers or internal organizational development. YBA Kanoo Group sets up projects to work according to the individual customer's needs. In the organization, the manager is responsible for the quality of the projects. The team members execute the project plans. Business analysts are essential to the success of an organization and work on projects from their planning and implementation.

Projects often involve making changes in the way a business operates. Business analyst projects are made up of a 6 stage cycle which are discovery, planning, designing, building, implementation, and warranty. Each of these stages involves different activities which need some forms of support. A business analyst has to be involved in these wide ranges of activities from metric measurement to understanding the project's bigger picture.

Information Technology Projects

YBA Kanoo Group always strives to improve its business process; therefore, to improve the quality of services offered to satisfy the organization's customers; the group enhances its information technology systems. Often, the organization is involved in software development projects and adapt to the changing technological environment. The constant development and improvement of technology in data and virtual working areas make the business world complicated and extensive. Multinational organizations such as YBA Kanoo Group produce more data than before; therefore drawing insights and making use of these data could be advantageous to these organizations. The software development projects in the organization take four months. As a business analyst intern in the YBA Kanoo Group, I was tasked with the process of determining areas in the business group where technology can add value. I also participated in the following software development project-related activities.

Initial Project Information Gathering, Analysis, And Initiation

This stage involved establishing an existing problem in the group, gathering more information on the issues, and visualizing the probable solutions to the issues to determine the viability of the project. Here, other business analysts and I were evaluating the business needs of the business group and make sense of the information available. Collaboration with other business stakeholders helps ensure that their issues, concerns, and requirements are included and addressed in a project charter document. The project charter document is essential to management as they help in the decision-making process.

Project Execution

During the project execution process, business analysts are often required to provide clarity to the developer and engage with stakeholders on conflicting issues. During this phase of the project, I was involved in the identification of risks and management of technology-related restricts.

The Operation Focused Projects

Operation focused projects in organizations are people-oriented and often include the improvement of process flow, procedural updates, and moving process location. The projects that involved updating process flow procedures took three months. During this period, as a business intern, I was involved in the current state analysis of the process procedures and reviewing the available options for updating the systems.


Technology has had a significant effect on modern-day workplaces. The use of technology has revolutionized how organizations conduct their businesses. Technology plays an essential role for customers to access information on organizations and companies. Technological advancements have made it easier for employees to perform their responsibilities efficiently. Technological infrastructure influences the efficiency, relationships, and culture of the business. Technology also impacts the security of organizational and customers' information. YBA Kanoo Group has a vast amount of customer information, and being that information is an essential asset for the organization, it must be protected from unauthorized personnel and with high standards.

Problem Statement

Emerging business trends such as e-commerce have boosted the shipping, transport, and logistics industry. Globalization has intercon...

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