Bounce Fitness Diversity Policy Draft Research

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Date:  2022-04-14

Question#1: Bounce Fitness Diversity Policy Draft

Bounce fitness aims at recognizing most of the talented as well as its diverse workforce as the major and the key competitive advantages over other issues. The business reflects skills and equality of the people including the entire staff's body and the management. Bounce fitness is always committed and putting the necessary strategies in retaining the currently available talents of workers to ensure they maintain the available workforce and human power all in the name of upholding the reputation and performance growth.

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Diversity management in Bounce fitness aims at benefiting every individual within the company as well as the targeted customers. The company recognizes that every individual employee within the team brings unique qualities and talents that benefit the entire organization regardless of the ethnical diversity. It aims at ensuring the unity prevails within the whole business organization and every individual work on his or her role. Moreover, they value every employee at whichever the level someone works in.

The action plan of Bounce Business is based on a belief that every employee is treated with dignity and the respect they deserve. They foster to create an environment that is supportive and in which every individual realizes that their efforts and potential contributions are recognized and appreciated. Besides, Bounce Company has committed to the employee the best people in the job market by looking only the best among the available potential job seekers who in one way or the other will spearhead the organizational goals and policies.

Question#2: Action Plan to Implement Diversity Policy

Implementing the diversity policy within the organization is not an easy procedure step; it needs commitments of both the organizational management and the entire staff body. The following strategies must be put in place to act as the best mechanisms for the implementation of the diversity within the organization.

Ensure the existing staffs and any other employees are treated with respect without any form of discrimination

Maintain and maintain a culture that supports equality and diversity within the business organization so that the employees can realize better there potential strength and possible weakness within the entire firms regardless an individual culture, race or ethnic background. Besides, as it is to the policy of Bounce Business, equity and unity are the best part and most remarkable part of business strategy for effectivity and accountability. Every job applicant needs to be treated the same and equal to their colleagues.

Measures to ensure that any form of employees practices is free from any discrimination. The most fundamental aspect is to provide you get what you deserve based on the qualification and experience to handle a duty. Besides, monitoring helps ascertain the progress of every individual member of the staffs and positive changes as far as staff's promotion and rewards are put into consideration.

Question#3: Impacts of my Drafted Diversity Policy to Bounce Business

Diversity within the business organization is seen as the most significant tools in ensuring and achieving business economic plans and strategies. Remember, every business organization has the sole goal to ensure they increase the level of profits and economic development by minimizing the loss. Diversity is a most integral part of the business that ensures the business can achieve its operational goals and success based on the human resource management. Many companies need to reflect and analyze what it takes to motivate and enhance firm's reputation based on the performance and corporation.Additionally, engaging employees in a most open environment and corporation them in almost every detail of the business operation would enhance their support and wellbeing in the entire business performance. More importantly, the diversity policy should be in a such a way that it relates and fits into other policies such as workplace conducts, the appointment of staffs and roles policies, health safety and occupational policies among other relevant and similar mechanisms of human resource management

Question# 4: Communication Channels to Promote the Diversity Within the Organization

Effective communication within the organization is an essential aspect of enhancing and promoting better and most reliable workplace diversity. It is one of the most fundamental tools that and both the official and senior staffs to perform their key roles and functions as required of them. However, some of the most common channels and strategies for effective communication include:

Listening more often and carefully given that, good communication starts with good listening skills. The management and every staff of the business, you have to have a good and most conversant listening skill to ensure no point passes without attending to. The environment itself should be in such a way that it promotes openness and freeness so that everyone can talk his or her idea the way he thinks of an idea and what they see needs to be done for effective management and goals achievements.

Consequently, the information and communication should be free from interruption. In most cases, the section of the channel should be in such a way that it limits and minimizes the level of information interruptions. Talk as you feel and ensure the intended clients gets the information right on time. Interruption discourages the sender or the giver of information by even confusing much more to forget some of the important ideas that need to be placed on the table.

Considers attitude and watch body language given that the two have a high impact on the message delivered. You should be someone who controls attitude at all cost. Let the attitude not interfere or disrupt other individuals from getting your information. The communication should be in a more effective manner that no information misses or ignored.

Conversely, the channel should be more reliable in which every member of the staffs can get the information they way he needs and the exact time. The information needs to serve the intended purpose such as meeting planning and job allocation. The information should be in such way that its accessibility is such accessible and more reliable.

Question#5: Expected and Unexpected Impacts of Diversity Within the workplace

There is several expected and unexpected impact from the diversity within the organization. Issues like innovation and product branding image are some of the possible positive expected impacts of the diversity within the organization. On the same note, in every moment the business promotes or comes up with policies with the main aim of variety. They have to expect the following, improved customers relations and service, enhanced organizational cultures, open globalization and better communication strategies that respect every individual regardless of country of origin or even on the gender or racial discrimination. However, on the other sides, the unexpected impacts from diversity may include, the company is likely to lose some of their trusted and loyal staff members who may wish to be treated in a more special and better way than other members of the teams are. Such type of employees include the senior staffs who feel their service is much better and effective than that of other members even though they belong to the same job groups.

Question#6: Tools That Can Be Used to Measure the Impacts of Diversity on the Organization

Measuring the level of divinity within the business organization is critical and most important aspects that aim at improving the overall business performance and objectives. Amon the various tools we have the Diversity Audit tool (DAT). The DAT tool helps in identifying some of the underlying policies cultural norms that expected of every member of the organization. The major focus of this kind of tool is to help in analyzing the level of exclusiveness and diversity of various aspects of gender, racial and ethnic diversity. The tool was developed by investigation the required communication strategies within the business organization. The tool helps to give analogical manner in which the organization can communicate its commitments to enhance the goals are achieved for the intended purpose. DAT relies on the following fundamental strategies, leadership, and governance, transparency in human resource, quality of life culture as well as mainstreaming the diversity policies among the staff body.

Question#7: Strategies to Monitor the Effectiveness of Diversity in the Organization

Monitoring the diversity effectiveness within the workforce is beneficial more so when it comes to achieving the organizational mandated policies and objectives. In the first place, however, it would help in monitoring the level of inequality and discrimination in the firm as some of the most common factors that can pull down the business success. Also, monitoring diversity within the organization would further help in removing any unfairness within the firm. Some of the possible strategies to use involve close and direct monitoring the composition and structure of the workforce is it inclusive or exclusive of all gender as well as employing diversity training within the firm

Question#8: Consultations Methods to Provide Information on Diversity Implementation

Some of the best possible consultation methods in providing information on diversity implementations include employees training, providers engagements as well as on the direct case application. Just in the same context, the employees as other parts of the staff body have equal rights on accessing the information on diversity implementations procedures and strategies. Just like the providers, involving the providers and the general staff members would enhance positive contributions to the business aim and virtues to fight any form of discrimination to enhance diversity within the workplace.

Question#9: External and Internal Key Stakeholders to Seek Their Approval During Diversity Implementation

The internal management team should be given the priority while seeking diversity management. The business management and the senior staffs play critical role in enhancing company's operations and performance. Informing and seeking their approval is necessary so that they can help in preserving and keeping the goodwill of the business success that aims at promoting the entire organizational goals and achievement.


In conclusion, the external stakeholders play an essential role in ensuring diversity within the organization. Some of the external stakeholder to be informed and seek approval from them on diversity matters includes the department of labor and, the Non-Governmental organizations that linked directly to the organization as well as the external interested parties with good intentions.

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