Essay Sample on Enhancing EA Value: Resource Planning & Communication

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Date:  2023-01-16


EA enhances the capabilities of resource-planning and enables people to make good decisions, which helps in adding value. When communication is improved according to resources used currently and in the future, ideas are relayed well, and differences found in interpretations are reduced, and misunderstandings are reduced to reasonable levels (Bernard 49). EA value has variations according to the complexity and size of the organization, and the IT gaps of performance, resources of IT duplication and acceptance of stakeholders varies according to the management plan. The responsibilities of EA in this perceptive is to make translations to capabilities, goals, and principles that are defined in processes and systems, which helps an organization realize its goals. EA is a step which allows enacting of strategies, and in this way, it helps to guide architectures of solutions that get defined before any implementation projects, and specific development strategies are provided with the required specifications that are necessary for the operating of such systems. EA has the aim of guiding the creation and maintenance of an operating platform of an organization. EA is the same as a strategy because it aims to provide broad visions and long-term and describes them in more details.

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EA improves the process used to plan by the personnel in an organization as it enhances top-down as well as bottom-up communications and planning processes between the topmost administration levels and the lowest employees. The plan from the top hierarchy level of administration to the lowest employee starts by considering businesses and strategies that are enhanced by the broad perspectives that are provided by the EA to the enterprise (Bernard 50). The EA management plan in the top-down planning is seen as a strategy as it is focused on keeping the process of decision making at its senior-most level. The EA management plan helps to come up with goals and quotas which are established at the highest levels and are specific when they lay out the expectations as those at the bottom do not get involved in the process of planning.

The bottom-up planning in the EA process is referred to as tactics as they provide a company with deep focus because of the many employees that are involved where each of them is an expert in their specialization areas. The EA plan has the role of making members of a team work together where they have different inputs in each stage of the whole process (Bernard 51). The plans that are developed at the low levels by the lowest employees in an organization are passed on to the other high levels to reach senior management so that they can be approved. Decision making between the top management and the low employees is improved through comprehensive current capability views. The EA program has several links to other resource governing and this helps the decision makers a lot in obtaining information that helps in guiding operations, development and support. Communication is also improved from the top management to the bottom employees, and this provides information that is integrated on technology and business. EA plays its role in a company well because it does not stifle the creativity of diverse cultures, and it improves business alignment to specific goals and initiatives. The EA program of management also plays a significant role in managing and mitigating risks, and this helps to reduce the chances of a company going down due to the risks that come along with the activities of the company.

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