French Colonialism & Nigerian Independence Movements - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-14


The French colonization caused independent movements in Algeria in the 1830s. The French-led to the massive destruction of the traditional Algerian infrastructure. Nigeria, on the other hand, began the independent movements in the 1970s, and the huge number of Nigerians supported the idea of contextualization for reforms in the administrative power that run all their activities. Independent movements in Nigeria have certain similarities where activities were carried out in the same way as well as differences where the movements differ in activities and the way that they grew.

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Both Algerian and Nigerian independent movements were formed as a result of discontentment of the way that the colonizers treated the native residents of both lands. The colonizers of the countries used the countries' resources and destroyed most of the remaining ones as they wanted the citizens to become their slaves. Religious discriminations and the introduction of different religions that separated the citizens of both countries contributed a lot to the formation of these movements as the people sort to eradicate the religious gaps that were planted between them. The colonizers introduced Islam and Christianity religions in both countries, and these served as a way to separate the citizens and make them weaker. The independent groups were, however, formed to unite the people and lead them into battle against their colonizers.

There exist no large differences between the independent movements in Nigeria and Algeria. The independent movements in Algeria agitate for autonomy in the country where they fight for self-government. The movements of Nigeria agitate for the leadership of certain ethnic groups and the way that the more than 250 groups in the country can be made equal in the distribution of resources and political justices. The independent groups in Nigeria fight against certain religious atrocities committed by the two major religions in the country, Islam and Christianity, while the independent groups in Algeria do not fight for any religious rights because almost 99% of the residents are Muslims.


National movements in Algeria and Nigeria are alike and different in certain ways, mainly due to the religious differences that exist in both countries. The movements were first introduced in the colonial period, and they have continued to be in existence until the current decade. Islam and Christianity, as well as the colonial effects of the past, are the main contributors to the independent groups in both countries.


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