WordPress Part 4

Paper Type:  Research proposal
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  655 Words
Date:  2022-05-26

WordPress is a content management system that allows modification of the software for free in a straightforward manner helping developers and those without prior knowledge of programming to manage websites and blogs. We offer the most straightforward forum through which one can develop and own a customizable site and start a blog with a guarantee of reaching a broad audience. Owing to this factor our content management system is logged by numerous traffic, moreover, as we provide customizable themes and plugins, our site becomes overwhelmed, and the measures put in place may at times be limited to protect the clients' information. One such problem is back up.

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Data from the many websites at WordPress share the same resources making it impossible to run a backup on all of them simultaneously. This fact among others leave information such as plugins and themes unprotected, and a single mistake may cause unprecedented costs. We advise that if one is about to modify themes and is not sure, backup the themes to avoid losses especially if it is a customized theme. As-much-as this may seem like a human error, we suggest introducing a plugin that will allow users to backup data before making changes to them. Mellert, Scherbaum, Oliveira & Wilke (2015), finds that data loss leads to economic losses that are at a significant rate and would lead to costly downtime, low productivity, and a tarnished reputation that is long-term.

To actualize the idea, we need to collect data of affected websites by data loss due to lack of a good backup plan. We will use the data collected to create awareness of the problem at hand and emphasize the need for introducing a backup plan. If agreed upon, the company will benefit in retaining clients that are satisfied and sure of more upgrades since clients do not fear losing valuable information while upgrading.

A cost is applied to buying the plugin at a price of $80 for a one-year subscription; a cost remitted to the client using BackupBuddy. Rutkauskas & Ostapenko (2016) relates that focus on resources for development ensures change is reliable. Assuming that 3% of these clients are unsatisfiedthat, BackupBuddy aids in restoring trust, paying for upgrades amounting to $200 a year, this recommendation saves $4.5 million in revenue. Making the recommendation cost useful as it weighs more on ensuring reliability.

During a fiscal year report, it is the best time to introduce the idea since there are available data to play in our favor. The recommendation falls in line with the core business and thus would open us to more corporate resources. Intrapreneurs are visionaries who are able to target new ideas and pursue them which makes them be distracted by new opportunities becoming hard to distinguish beneficial ones (Buekens, 2014). If an idea is proved to be challenging the core business of a company, it is wise to let it go. (Baruah & Ward, 2014), A mentor is one that is accepting our chaotic approach through managing our creative approach. Updates to our mentor are when faced with a difficulty so that we may be guided on how to tackle them, thereby, implementing suggestions that we find fit. Discussion of pros and cons of both new and existing ideas would help in overcoming resistance from a fellow peer through showing them the bright side of the original idea.


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