Tencent's Rise: Leadership, Change Management and Restructuring - Essay Sample

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In any organization, the development of good leadership and the success of the change management forms the most priorities of the majority of established organizations (Quinn and Quinn). To be successful in implementing change, leaders have to focus on the process and the immediate people within the organization. Tencent rise as a global social media giant has come with its problem prompting the organization to restructure and strategize to compete in the large market. Since the restructuring in preparation for the future, as explained by the company, they have reported a significant increase in the growth of the organization.

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One of the critical things about change management in Tencent is that it starts at the top. In many cases across the business, world success is almost guaranteed when the change begins at the top. In Tencent, however, leadership has emphasized all areas from top to bottom.in the new structure there is various division to serve the different department of the TenCent organization from Tencent organization to WeChat (Brennan). In doing so, they are laying a good foundation for the future through the two areas identified as the platform and content group (PCG).

Organization culture is one of the most important aspects of any successful company, and Tencent is focusing on that as they seek to implement their new change management fully. In further restructuring by TenCent it evident there has been an issue within the organization that have to cripple the internal coordination within the company. Completion between inbuilt divisions such as WeChat and QQ as they seek to become the company's flagship product has b=necessitated the changes present today. Through the new leadership structure, the divisional problems that have resulted in the slow down in the organizing operation shall be addressed, and the vision of the company to prepare for the future shall be on course ("How to Be A Successful Change Leader").

Change management is a phase in which the organization come up with different strategies, procedures structures and many other things in order to keep in line with the existing internal and external effects. In the case of Tencent, the internal, as well as the external factors, prompted the change to be affected for the third time since the organization was started. Change in leadership was meant to address the divisional problems a move which saw QQ mail and WeChat the major flagship products of the company remain untouched. Focus, however, is in the efficient of the working of the two divisions to enable Tencent to realize its vision of being a global leader in the future.

Involving every layer within the organization is also another way of ensuring that the company is able to succeed in its strategy and realize its goals (Cameron, Esther & Green). One of the things that Tencent has done in the restructuring is absorbing several divisions from various groups. Among the groups incorporated include OMG: Open platform B2B teams: Online education, Youth Labs teamed: Smart Retail Strategic Cooperation Department MIG: Safety, Maps, Medical, Smart Platforms, and other business teams. By doing this, the company shows that they share one vision with all members of the company, thus facilitating a good foundation for change management through leadership.

In the new structure of leadership, the Tencent leadership has exhibited the three-skill necessary for the success of the organization in realizing the vision of change management. In the new structure, the focus has emphasized on the proper communication between the various division of the organization ("How to Be A Successful Change Leader"). In the new leadership structure, communication has been very brief and concise on what the government intends to achieve. According to the organization management, the initiative is to strategies for the coming 20yrs, and in doing so, they have got to involve all the departments within the organization through proper communication.

Collaboration is another thing that Tencent seeks to instil within the organization as they battle to have a stake in social media in the coming 20yrs. Tencent has increased the number of employees involved within the organization considerably by strengthening the employee's commitment to change by supporting the new leadership structure.

Tencent has also managed to stay on top despite the competition and stringent government regulation because of the leadership within the company. Pony Ma Huateng, the company leader and founder, has steered the company to the top through the WeChat app and the lucrative video games. The mobile revolution has seen an increase in the number of users, thus broadening the opportunities for the organization (Quinn W. & Quinn E.).

Change management is synonymous with leadership, and the Tencent social network is in the right to secure a spot in this area in the coming years. Chines executives, especially those from Tencent, have been successful in ensuring that government regulation does not entirely take them out of business (Deng). In seeking change, TenCent social network is using the right channel of leadership as well as involving the small groups within the organization to achieve their success in the coming years.

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