Women Better Than Men in Education - Controversial Essay

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Date:  2022-05-16


In the past, women were considered the weaker sex, but in the past few decades, they have overturned the situation. Women are progressing in considerable and commendable pace in education and schooling outsmarting their male counterparts. Across different educational levels and grades, girls are scoring higher grades than boys globally. Moreover, gender disparity in college enrolment shows in the majority of countries higher percentage of female high school graduate transit to a college education, a scenario different with male graduates. These trends are causing the increasing population of female students in colleges while the male student's population moves at a flat or constant rate (Bongaarts, 2010). This paper will present and argumentative perception of the causes, effects, problems, and solutions demonstrating that women are better than men in education.

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Increased female education causes improved employment availability and gender equity policy interventions (Bongaarts, 2010). Globally, women constitute of two-thirds of the entire productive population. It's therefore, paramount to ensure that educational empowerment is gender inclusive to fight previous gender biases disadvantaging women representation in schooling especially in low-economic countries. The effects of higher educated women increase the level of literacy in the society due to their high representation in female-to-male ratio. According to Seifert and Sutton (2009) quoted in Sivasankaran, (2014), girls seem to outdo boys in their scholarly excellence due to the effective composure of their personality, commitment to hard work, and determination to liberate themselves from historical biases. Again, girls are more sensitive to school's rules and regulation and avoid conflict more than boys giving them an educational advantage. Clarricoates (1978) quoted in Rodgers (2014), argue that while leading quitter lives girls are able to maximize their time increasing their school's grades or learning new concepts while boys lack effective composure to lead none-conflicting lives. Thus, girls acquire better listening skills than boys giving them more advantages when it comes to performance.

The Effects of Higher Female Education

The argument on the superior gender in educational attainment focuses on the brain capacity and reasoning ability overall of the two camps. Cullen (2003) cited in Cassese et al. (2014), state that though, men are physically stronger than women; and they tend to be favored by a majority of upper hand opportunities in life than the female flock. On the other hand, scientific research has shown that women are the strongest thinkers of the two genders. The higher thinking capacity makes women more intelligent than men. Averagely, the female brain can multitask between two or more tasks in synchronized time increasing their brain performance skills. This adaptive ability to function between more than one tasks gives female students better intelligence ability as compared to male students resulting in their academic achievement.

The effects of major global policies, treaties and intervention strategies to save guard the previously endangered girl child spices has in current age placed girls in better life attainment position than boys. Though, policies like Universal Primary Education (UPE), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Education For All (EFA) among others are geared towards increasing global literacy for all children; girl child is given more emphasis that the boy child (World Bank, 2012). In the long run, girls are increasingly performing better in schools as compared to the boy who is left out in evolutional growth to literary societies. The majority of gender equity policies and advocates tend to empower the girl child at the expense of the boy child leading to a more conducive environment for women in education than that of men.


In conclusion, women are increasingly beating traditional odds that labeled them the weaker sex. Given equal educational opportunities, girls are proving to outsmart boys even in sciences and mathematics, educational discipline previously perceived to be masculine. The cause of girls resounded academic excellence is in recent age has been attributed to their personality and intelligence ability acquired by their attentive nature of being good listeners. Women's natural role of nurturing everything that comes their way gives them the abilities to cultivate, develop, form, and aspire giving incredible educational advantage nurture skills in lifelong learning, Thus, surpassing their male counterparts in academic excellence.


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