Wind River: Jane Banner's Inexperience Challenges the Unfamiliar

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Date:  2023-06-07

The Wind River film is directed by Taylor Sheridan and is set in a huge, wintry area of Wyoming in 2017. The already outstretched law enforcement officers have been alerted to attend a crime scene: Natalie, a young Native American woman, has been found dead on the snow. She has a head would and evidence that indicates that she was sexually abused. Jane Banner, an inexperienced, physically untested but mentally tough, willing to learn, and courageous FBI agent is called. Banner experience problems in communicating with the Native American Community. She teams up with the person who found the body, Lambert, a professional game tracker who lost his daughter some time back in similar circumstances, her daughter was also a Native American. Lambert works with Banner to unravel the mystery of the cause of the death of young Native American women in the secretive jungle. The snow acts as their friend and enemy since it is what causes the tracks to be visible; more snow erases the records and impedes progress. Also, the medical examiner cannot report the case as an act of homicide due to the effects of cold snow effect on Natalie's Lungs. Hence, a complete criminal investigation cannot be mobilized.

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With style and simplicity, the director walks the audience through the various suspects and the Native American locals through agent banner's learning curve and her fragile relationship with Lambert. Sheridan aims to promote awareness of the high number of Native women who are sexually assaulted and murdered both on and off the reservation. The movie has high-end confrontation whereby the native officers are killed, and Banner caught. She is rescued by Lambert and Pete, the man who raped Natalie dies, in the same manner, she did by suffering a pulmonary hemorrhage. Martin Natalia's father and lambert mourn their daughters together. A title card follows implying every group's statistics for missing people for every demographic group are kept except for Native American Women.


The film is brilliant and star-studded. However, it highlights something that Americans do not know; it about Native America reservation in central Wyoming. The film has violent twists of the plot and offers many layers of thrilling experience and heartache, which only gets more profound as the movie continues. The film describes the sad reality of how Native American women have been neglected. As Agent Banner, Lambert, and six native officers seek to investigate the murder of a native teenage woman. Watching the movie characters sink under the depressing life of the reservation, one wonders what will happen next, which leaves the audience gasping. I think that the setting of the movie in the snowy mountains shows how the Native American women had been isolated in a harsh and deadly environment. The background sets the dialogue that in the reservation, you are alone, cold, and always on the survival mode a reality for the young indigenous women. Watching the film, one finds this reality or plight of the women hardened unforgiving residents of the reserve on the way to solve Natalie's murder.

Banner's approach in solving the murder shows nature and reveals the struggles in the reservation for the Native Americans. When she asks for backup, she is told that that is not a land of back up, indicating that the Native Americans have been neglected. Natalie's mother slashes her arm as a means of overcoming her pain. Moreover, watching the film, one cannot fail to notice that all the characters around agent banner are withdrawn and grim. I think this is because they have lost affability and hope, and they cannot be relied on to solve the pains and sufferings of the reservation. Due to the lack of love and care, the reservation residents do not care or love each other. They seem to lack the energy of even loving and caring for themselves. As the murder mystery unveils once cannot help but wonder how such grave crime can go unnoticed in America. As a nation, there is a need to care for Native American women.


Film: Wind River (2017)

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