Why Are Personal Affiliation and Networking Necessary for a Nursing Leader?

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Networking refers to the communication and interaction activities between groups, institutions, and organisations working in a particular setting. The knowledge and information shared is a crucial resource and have triggered success in most of the fields. The institution should determine what information will offer them a competitive advantage and should share it and use it across the institutions. Networks create the link to various opportunities for the nurse leaders, the fellow staffs, and patients thus facilitating them to collaborate, interact and communicate with each other to enhance nursing care practice and improve on health. Sharing of information that is educational, administrative or research-based through networking and personal affiliation help leap the current knowledge that is important for one to be successful in a profession. Networking and personal association are essential for a nursing leader due to various reasons that include. First, individual affiliation and networking help in the access of private information. The leaders acquire a lot of information from the publicly communicated news but also they get private information from those they have gained trust (Huber, 2014). There is a wide range of information sources including the internet, television and the press, however; one does not get the private information needed to enhance the nursing leadership. The leaders gain the individual knowledge through frequent networking with the employs and other core workers. The nursing leaders with access to the private information become successful leaders since they can act on the issues delivered through the personal contacts.

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Secondly, it helps to improve the set skills. A developed network enables leaders from other departments to gather and connect with the individuals who have attained a wide variety of background and qualifications. For example, the nurse leader in charge of service delivery may gain interest on the challenges faced by the other medical personnel in the health facility. Therefore, the leader may take up information that tends to inspire new ideas thus providing a better understanding of the issues of departmental interdependence.

Thirdly, networking improves access to power. In the institutions with flat hierarchies, the source of power tends to spread thus making it hard to identify who in particular has the most influence in the institution. Networking makes the process of delegating duties and controls to be more natural since anyone can communicate the information from the senior leaders to the intended receiver who are the employees.

How Will Networking and Personal Affiliation Benefit You in Your Career Future

Both networking and personal associations will help me in improving the nursing care practice. This will be achieved through various ways that include. First networking will assist me in conducting my daily tasks like monitoring the health of the patients, teaching the patients and tracking the patients' blood pressure levels. This will be achieved mainly through the interaction and sharing of information with the patients. For example, to monitor the health of the patient, there must be a continuous interaction between the health provider and the patient to understand how the diseases are progressing. However, the security and privacy of information with the patient is important in enhancing the quality of healthcare for the patient

Secondly, the use of different networks tools to improve the patient's safety and well-being. This includes the use of telehealth nursing, information technology, networking applications and use of other communication networks. The networking tools will help in sharing of information on how to treat and handle the patients, and this will help to avoid medical errors thus improving the patient's safety and well-being. The information technology does not only improve on the nurse to nurse collaboration but also helps in the improvement of the nurse to patient cooperation thus improving healthcare quality.

Two Situations in Which You Have Networked for the Health of the Population or the Community

I have been involved in networking for the health of the people in various ways that include, first, educating the patients on the various health issues, this involved interaction with the patient I first identified what the patient knows about the diabetes disease. This interaction was done in discussion groups and also one on one interaction, after which I educated the patients on the facts of the diabetes disease, for example, the risk factor, sighs symptoms and treatment this helped in improving their understanding of the disease. Patient education acts as an effective way of networking with the patient and promoting the health of the population.

Secondly, I was also involved in networking through monitoring the health of the patient. I was able to follow up the patients' health through interacting with them, by asking them questions like how they feel, for how long they have been experiencing specific symptoms and conducting body screening. This interaction helped in identifying where in particular the patient may be suffering from and also the severity of the disease. The networking also assisted in advising the patients on how to avoid the conditions in the future through taking the appropriate precautions both in their lifestyle and in their environmental setting.


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