Ethical Dilemma at Northlake Paper Example

Paper Type:  Case study
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  575 Words
Date:  2022-11-20


Amalgamated Forest Products is headquartered in North Lake-town and have three major mills located in remote locations of the province. Currently, it has been obtained by a corporation headquartered in Chicago. However, any adverse impacts on the mills can adversely impact the town. New government legislation on environmental wastewater pollution has made the Amalgamated Forest Products to create a report entitled "Endangered Species: The Pulp and Paper industry in the Upper Peninsula" which will enable it to respond to the proposed legislation. Jean Letourneau, the president of the Amalgamated Forest Products is expected to present the report by next week to the legislative subcommittee. On the other hand, the manager of corporate reporting, Frank, has threatened to go public if the Endangered Species report in its current form is given to the legislative subcommittee. To Frank, the effect of effluent controls on the discharge of wastewater from pulp and paper companies are not factually based. As a result, he upsets the vice president of Amalgamated Forest Products, Jim McIntosh and the president of the company, Jean Letourneau. Although Frank is brought to the office to discuss the matter with Jim and Jean, he clearly states that he has both professional and moral obligation to stand his ground regarding inaccuracies of the report.

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Potential Ethical Consideration

It is clear that Amalgamated Forest Products damages the local river since it dumps the same waste in the Wanaweshee River which their competitors did and had to clean up a few years ago. The waste contaminates even the drinking water which is down the mill's stream of the aboriginal community. Part of the Amalgamated report had been falsified especially the one that addresses the monetary effect of the company installing equipment of emission control. Some numbers were exaggerated showing that the company was likely to severely suffer financially should there be pass on the legislation. Additionally, Frank understands clearly that the company he has been supporting is practicing unethical behavior. Throughout, his desire and motivation had been supported by the company which had made him even become the manager of corporate reporting and significantly making him support his family while enjoying the finer things. However, he is in a dilemma and torn between choices of either working for the company that he clearly understands its practices are unethical or to jeopardize his means in supporting his family by resigning.

Assessment of the Approach

Amalgamated Forest products are a major contributor to the community economy as with its three mills, it is able to give over 10, 000 people jobs at the Northlake. However, it is making the aboriginal to suffer due to the effects of emission coming from their waste. The recommendation is for the Amalgamated to be ethical by showing corporate responsibility since no amount of money can replace a human life. Since the emission problem has been there for so long, they should do what is ethically right by foregoing their own financial gain, but cleaning up their waste so as it does not further affect the society. On the other hand, the recommendation for Frank is for him to evaluate the aspect of him staying in the company he highly knows practices unethical behavior or to choose to resign. It is upon him to assess the goals he has set for himself and consider if it is worth working on at the company.


University of Waterloo (2018). Centre For Accounting Ethics: The Ethical Dilemma at Northlake. Routledge.

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