What I Think Every Academic Should Know Essay Example

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Date:  2022-10-08


The academic should understand that enhancing and creating awareness on various scientific ideas is essential for human beings within the globe. It enables individuals to have a better understanding of human ways of thinking of nature and the surrounding. It is important to note that human interacts with the external environment for mutual benefits. Besides, academics should understand mechanisms of the interaction between science and technology and how the two shapes the world. Human has become part of technology in various aspects such as in the social life and cultural ways of understanding nature (Lecture Notes, n.d.). Scientific literacy is something that started many years ago and has continued to evolve. The society needs technology more to enhance their ways of living and interaction. Science and technology are both essential for human survival especially when it comes to solving various types of problems that affect the community and their perception of the environment.

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These entail to various statements and theories that many people tend to claim to have some elements of science facts, which in a sense is not true. Pseudoscience is unfalsifiable claims without support information based on the arguments presented. Academics should know that any scientific claim should have supportive facts and acknowledgment from other scientists. It is all about knowing what is scientifically right and ignoring undocumented facts without factual claims. The pseudoscience does not satisfy the practices and requirements of true science. It is important to know that most of these theories tend to offer misleading information on the critical aspects of science that individuals should know as a way of enhancing an individual's level of scientific knowledge.

Humans and Animals Ethics

Animals just like human beings are entitled to their own lives to remain alive. Even though animals may not have legal rights, ethically, they deserve to remain healthy and viable. It should be through the natural conscience of humans to offer better treatment in a manner that is necessarily and ethically right (BBC, 2014). Human beings should avoid undertaking certain kinds of actions that might end up affecting animals and their ways of lives. Academics should know that human relies on animals more than the animals need a man. It, therefore, shows that the kind of interaction that should exist between man and animals should be that which is interactive and mutual.

The Relationship between Human and the Environment

It is essential for humans to realize a strong relationship that exists between man and the environment. Human depends on the environment to be alive and to continue with their life activities such as cultivation and farming. Besides, the healthiness and quality of the environment greatly rely on human efforts and ethical behaviors. Environmental ethics is all about the philosophical discipline that tends to consider the ethical and moral relationship between environment and human beings. For instance, any process that leads to environmental pollution is morally unethical. It is important to note that a person's identity of time entails his consciousness to making rightful decisions that are fundamental to his existence.


In conclusion, academics need to know that keeping abreast of the new happenings in science and technology is a great issue of concern as it makes the society to have a better understanding of the achievements made. Active engagement in any form of science and technology and the related concepts are fundamental for the betterment of the human future and that of science. Human ethics is essential in making the judgment that concerns the environment and animals based on the kind of mutual interaction that exists between the three.


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