WestJet 2018 Strike Essay

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Date:  2022-06-06

Westjet is recognized as one of the Canadian low-cost airlines which have been publicly traded on the Toronto stock exchange. The airline company was founded in 1996 and currently, it is recognized as one of the greatest carriers in Canada, after Air Canada. Considering the airline's general operation, Westjet has managed its operation in a total of seventy cities in overall Mexico, North America and the Caribbean and managing to employ more than 8000 employees who are non-unionized. In managing the company's physical operation, WestJet main hub and head office are located in Calgary, and the main hub having tis location in the Airport of Toronto. Since the airline company has in the past recorded a serious employee conflict, it is significant for the company to recognize the fact that the airline industry is existing in one environment that is highly hypercompetitive where the company needs to be changing constantly so as to maintain and survive their general position in the market. In order to prevent the rising challenges, strategies are the major pillar in place for striving to attain the organizational vision and mission.

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In managing the general operation, the WestJet pilots are playing a significant role in the general success of the WestJet Airlines, however WestJet Airlines Ltd.'s streak of fifty-two consecutive profitability quarters is at risk of being brought to an end as the airline is struggling with the rising startup expenses for its surging fuel costs and ultra-low-cost carrier as well as the uncertainty a head that has been resulted to potential labour strike (Misener, 2018). This has been fueled by challenging first quarter with WestJet demonstrating that its second-quarter revenue per every seat mile could face serious decrease as per every two percent as a result of the serious strike by the union of the pilot.

The airline company 's pilot has in the past faced serious complain that the policy in place was one important change in the airline terms of employment and a serious interference with the right of the union in representing the pilots. The Canadian airline is currently facing serious competition with the Canadian travelers being a fierce market and, in the process, WestJet company is not spared at all. In order to fit in and compete effectively, WestJet has to put great measures to manage their operations, human resource and to make sure that customers and even the general financial management have been put in order (Lall & Gillen, 2018). For the airline company to manage its overall performance, what should be in place is a well-built reputation that can only be built through good management strategies.

One great challenge that West Jet has faced in the recent past is the organization working to build a better reputation and to reassure its customers on the best performance in future. Following the past issues that related to employee conflict, pilot voted overwhelming in favor of going for a strike so as to press their demand for a better contract. Since a better contract has not been in existence in the recent past, it is important to note that WestJet members voted ninety-one percent in favor of strike action. The company worked effectively in managing the strike, the union ensured the pilot was not committed not to disrupt customers travel plan and Calgary based WestJet demonstrated that they respected the result of the vote and were hoping to reach a better deal with the union.


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