Essay Sample on Strategic Business Management of Walmart Company

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The company has a huge number of employees that is 1000 across various branches in the States (Huang, 2019). The stock exchange analysis report shows that the stock has been falling this year, but the corporation has not recorded any stock decline since 2016 (Martinez, Galvan & Alam, 2017). The sales of comps have been increasing in recent years, and the earnings are expected to increase by 4% in 2021 (Huang, 2019). Normally, the earnings drive the stock exchange. With increased sales through eCommerce and expanding delivery services, the corporation expects to make more stock exchanges to improve the busines. The purpose of this paper is to investigate strategic business management of Walmart Company.

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The corporation deals with merchandised products, which consist of grocery products and health care products, such as pharmacy, drugs, and optical services. The grocery items include dairy products, fruits, and frozen foods. The other general merchandise products include electronics, headlines, appeals, home appliances. It offers services, such as prepaid cards, wire transfer, money transfer, and cash checking, and billing, which has less than 2% annual net sales (Lu, 2019). It advertises merchandise products under a private-label brand, such as a great holiday.

The company was started in 1945 and headquarter is in Bentonville. It engages in the retail business and wholesale business and offers its services at low prices. In 1983 and 1988, the company established Retail Company, which is a club discount warehouse and Wal-Mart supercenters (Saleha, Rashidb & Suwaidc, 2020). Walmart Company is the largest grocery stores in the States after the combination of grocery and merchandised supercenters. In 2010 the corporation introduced e-commerce business services that led to shifting from retailing away from brick-mortar-stores and towards online retailing (Tsui-Auch & Chow, 2019).

Company vision is to improve customers- centric experiences. It integrates eCommerce and retail stores into Omni-channel services that save time to the customers (Laszlo, & Cescau, 2017). The mission of the corporation is making shopping for families easier, ensure operation discipline, sharpen the company culture, and make trust in competitive advantage (Lu, 2019). It has adapted to everyday low-cost philosophy to control the expenses to pass the savings to the customers.

The main goal is to save people's money and help them live a comfortable life by respecting everyone and acting with integrity. According to 2019, fiscal year annual report the total revenue increased by 3%, the company sale of computer increased by 3.5% and generated $28.4 billion in the operating cash flow and total revenue of $514.5 billion and the corporation is putting more efforts to increase the revenues in the next fiscal year (Crawford & Smith, 2019).

E-commerce sales increased by 40%, which doubled sales for the last two years (Beck, 2019). To achieve the benefits, the corporation ensured strategic capital allocation, consistent operating discipline, and focusing on strong and efficient growth. It reorganized cost culture that enabled the corporation to increase productivity, manage inventory, and reduce operating costs while serving the customers appropriately (Lin, 2019). The capital is allocated in eCommerce, customers' initiatives, Omni-channel, and supply chain and management.

Problem Statement

The problem at Walmart Inc. Company is effects of marketing on financial performance. The price of Walmart's stock reflects high market expectation. Failure to meet the expectation, such as eCommrce growth rates, gross margin, and earning will lead to decline in market price resulting to poor financial performance.


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