Verbal Ability Test

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Ability tests, also known as aptitude tests or cognitive ability tests, are standard ability tests used by employers to measure the potential rather than academic performance. They are employed as evaluators of how individuals fair in a given work setting. There are different ability tests, namely; checking ability test, verbal ability test, abstract ability test, and a diagrammatic and numerical ability test. Each of these ability test different aspects of an individual; in this case, verbal analysis is of interest. According to Upshur and Turner (1999), a Verbal reasoning test is applied to determine an individual's capability to use grammar, spell and comprehend terms, in other words, to test a person's comprehension level.

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This aptitude test has many advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Some of the pros include; objective, efficient comparisons ability tests are employed by many organizations to aid in making enhanced hiring or promoting decisions (Mcmanus et al., 2005). Such tests are much more efficient as compared to interviews at establishing depending on how one handles responsibility. Employers also find it easier to evaluate candidates reasonably without favoring based on ethnicity and physical appearance. It is cost-effective; they are mostly tested using computers hence easy to administer and saves money and time. Another pro is that it negates cultural effects; some applicants might use culture to their advantage; therefore, aptitude tests eliminate such effects by placing all candidates under an equal playfield. Aptitude test brings standardization since most of them are standardized, hence providing reliable and valid (Mcmanus et al., 2005). They minimize anxiety since it allows candidates to show their true inner selves.

Ability tests have limitations, including stripping candidates their identity; it can also favor non-thinkers since they favor those test-takers who memorize. Like any test, verbal reasoning can bring test anxiety, which can affect the performance of Individuals taking the test. It brings cultural biases also. According to Paulhus and Harms, (2004), Verbal communication has a legal implication since ISO 9000 standards have minimized the number of errors, proving to be a useful mechanism.

Small Business Selection System

Personality tests are considered significant by many companies since they believe that they can evaluate a candidate and better understand what is beneath them apart from interviewing them face-to-face. However, it has some of the consequences listed below; therefore, small businesses should implement the test. They include; putting the organization in danger of legal problems. The employer is at risk of breaking the United States' act of people with Disabilities, Civil Rights Act of 1964 Title VII, or the employment Act in Discrimination based on Age ((Levashina and Campion, 2007). The employer can be used for discrimination if the test-taker can prove that the employer's characteristic to the screen is affiliated with the protected class.

The job contenders can trick the personality test since the correct answers for personality tests are found in Google; therefore, candidates can easily access the website that explains what to do for you to secure the job (Levashina and Campion, 2007). Besides, most personality tests do not distinguish between an applicant's temporary demonstrative state and permanent individual traits. A personality test can extend the hiring; scheduling in-person interviews consumes time mostly when the candidate is presently employed (Hogan, and Nicholson, 1988). The extra step involved can drive away from the highly valuable applicant when he/she is considering several employers.

In a nutshell, even though the personality test has proven to be useful in evaluating candidates during interviews, it can also possess unintended penalties. Also, the verbal reasoning test has its pros and cons; therefore, companies should consider wisely before implementing it.


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