Validity of a Source Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-06

Why should anyone Care about the Validity of sources?

Valid sources determine the quality of a research paper. Individuals should care about the validity of sources because the internet offers a variety of sources and some might be irrelevant for the study. Additionally, the different sources contain varying information; some are broad while some are shallow; hence, it is essential for an individual to assess the validity of a source. The selection of valid sources shows the reader that you have a firm understanding of the topic under discussion.

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Methods for Evaluating Sources?Technological advancements especially the internet has attracted a vast number of scholarly documents being published online in various formats. Majority of information seekers rely on the internet since it is fast. However, finding quality sources is a process that requires thinking. Finding reliable and authentic sources has become a daunting task since individuals have the liberty to upload articles online. Therefore, one of the primary methods for evaluating a source is the search for necessary information such as the author, year of publication, publisher, the title of the journal, edition or revision, coverage writing style, objective reasoning, and intended audience (Kaushik 65). The method for evaluating internet sources includes checking the author, affiliation, currency, purpose, audience, and conclusion. Checking the website URL and the use of use is also another method of evaluating online sources such as websites. For this case, there are various means for determining the authenticity and reliability of sources.

What is the Peer Review Process?

The peer review process is the technique of judging the validity, importance, and the originality of scholarly work (Wilson 1). Experts assess the quality of the scientific document before it is published online for the public to access and use the material as a reference. After the research is scrutinized, the author is provided with feedback to improve the contents of the study before the paper is checked once again and approved for publishing.

Do Moderated Sites like Wikipedia Meet the Criteria to be Considered Peer Reviewed? Why or Why Not?Wikipedia is a popular site among internet users due to the broad information it provides. However, the site cannot be considered as peer-reviewed because there is a theoretical concern that anyone who has access to the internet can alter the contents of a Wikipedia page. It, therefore, raises the fear of the spread of misinformation. Additionally, the changing versions of Wikipedia make it difficult to be used as a peer-reviewed source. The website keeps changing its citation styles contrary to other sites such as journals, which maintain the citation styles of a previously uploaded paper (Bould et al. 2).

Are Popular Magazines Reliable Sources of Information for Research Papers? Why or why Not?Magazines can be regarded as popular sources of information. Firstly, magazines and newspapers provide in-depth knowledge on a significant number of issues. They are assessable, affordable, and are a necessity for both professionals and non-professionals in their desire to learn about developments in their various fields (Njeze 3). Old magazines and newspaper articles serve as essential sources of information for students, staff, and other professionals.

What is Bias and how can it affect the Validity of a Source?

A bias is a deviation from the truth regarding data collection, analysis, interpretation, and publication, which can cause misinformed conclusions. Researchers can introduce bias in their works intentionally or unintentionally (Simundic 12). Both acts are wrong for the validity of the study. Bias in research can cause distorted results and conclusions. It can thus lead to unnecessary costs and wrong recommendations. All these consequences affect the validity of the source, and it is regarded as irrelevant for purposes of research.

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