University Tries to Mend Racial Divisions Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-21

The article addresses the racial differences that occur in universities between the white students and students from other races. Despite the fact the universities management trying to end to racism in learning institutions, racial segregation seems to be deep-rooted. For instance, the University of Massachusetts has begun to teach the multicultural subject to its students with the aim of promoting mutual interaction among students despite their color difference. Additionally, the University of Massachusetts usually conducts a civility week which purposes to end racism in the university.

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Despite the tremendous efforts to end racism in universities, racism in universities can arise anytime. In this one evening, the emotions of the winners and losers escalated horrible events which later turned out to be driven by the difference in the race. The previous night there was a game between the Met and Red Sox where Met emerged the winners. The fans of Met fans were happy with the results making them celebrate all around the campus. From historical myths, Mets were considered a" black team", while the Red fox majority fans were whites. In this specific evening, fans from both sides gathered in the pyramid where emotions turned from baseball argument to a commotion between the whites and the blacks. The Met's white fans slightly joined the Red fox side with majority whites. As the commotion was ongoing, a group of black footballers were coming from a meeting and were drastically attacked by the group of whites. The fight was intense such that one student was beaten by the whites until he was unconscious. They did not stop beating him until one of the white students shielded the victim.

From the article, several management theories and concepts have been applied. The administrative theory is one of the major theories emerging in the article. The administrative theory usually focuses on the management principles which enables an institution or organization achieve its objectives. In this specific article, the management of UMass has focused on various methods to end racism among its students. The University of Massachusetts is focused to achieve multicultural relationship by implementing centralization, student' discipline, and planning.

Another management theory emerging from the article is the scientific management theory. The scientific management theory which ensures all the activities of an organization are accomplished in a systematic manner. The University of Massachusetts has applied scientific management theory by introducing civility week which aims at discarding the racism tradition in the institution. Additionally, scientific management theory requires the organization or the institution to comply and observe strict rules which guides them to accomplish their objectives. The University of Massachusetts has put in place strict rules which aim at eradicating racism in the institution.

Bureaucracy is another theory applied in the article. Bureaucracy is management theory applied in large organization and institution. The theory focuses to bring its members together in order to achieve the objectives of the institution. The University of Massachusetts has introduced multicultural lessons which aim at reuniting students from all the races with the aim of eradicating racism cases in the institution.


To prevent the occurrence of racism cases in universities, students and the university management should be broad enough to accept that racial discrimination exists in the learning institution. Racism in universities should not be brushed off under the carpet. Over the years, administrator and students have denied the acts of racism which hinder the investigation. It is high time that racism in universities is faced head-on. Also, the judicial system should ensure justice is awarded to both the victims and the suspects of racism.

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