Unifying Sustainable Development in Learning Institutions: Impact and Opportunities - Essay Sample

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Learning institutions have recognized that sustainability measures play an essential role in society. The topic is becoming a prevalent idea that is gradually shaping the vision and mission of most learning institutions. Critical aspects of sustainable development shape institutions wellbeing, progress, and positive contribution to the environment. By undertaking a unified approach to the idea behind sustainability in learning institutions, students, the management and the entire society can profit from some of the unambiguous indicators that give room for comparison purposes with other learning institutions in addition to integrating the best control and social practices. Housing is an essential feature of the student's welfare within Auburn University. As a student in the institutions, I have observed that the management takes a keen interest in the condition of student's rooms. Auburn always checks our rooms as they believe that our living conditions within the institutions have a substantial impact on our lives.

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Checking of Rooms

According to Abson, student's housing conditions play a critical role in their general wellbeing (32). Checking our rooms while we are at home is a reliable indicator the institution puts on our wellbeing. It entails assessing how our learning and living environment affect our privacy. The assessment and checking of our rooms are customarily undertaken at any time without notice. The unwanted invasion has often led to complaints from other student's. For example, at one time when I was undertaking cleaning exercise in my room, Auburn Global knocked on my door to check. Despite the intrusion, they did a splendid job in monitoring the condition of the room. The assessment included checking on the air conditioning, aeration, status of the walls, floor, bedding, and the overall arrangement of the room. They checked on the cleanliness and availability of all materials and types of equipment.

My room, which I share with my friends, tends to lose items such as the fire boiler. The situation has often raised concern among us as we are often worried about the management's reaction upon the discovery. The situation has often led to numerous fines to enable the management to replace the lost item. My roommate is a bald head, and Auburn Global has always fined him as his bathroom is often clogged with long hair. The situation has often left the bathroom in the impoverished state promoting Auburn Global to fine him. However, I have often strived to make good use, safeguard, and ensure the safety of all equipment's in our rooms.

One of the most critical aspects of the assessment is cleanliness. Abson argued that cleanliness is an essential factor in a student's wellbeing (34). From the floors, cabinets, beds, out personal items, the walls, and the windows, we often expected to undertake a high level of cleanliness and hygiene all around our room. We are provided with cleaning items to enable us to conduct cleanliness exercises inside the rooms. For example, we have to make sure that our cabinets are spotlessly clean with our belonging neatly placed. Although this is often a challenge, I have always believed that besides being a strategic way of personnel management, it is also the right way of managing the institution's property. Besides the current body of students, I know that in another couple of years, another group of students will be using the facilities. Thus, we have to ensure that we utilize the resources and rooms effectively, ensuring that all is in order following the stipulations by Auburn Global.

Choosing a Housing

The current rates of housing in the state are flexible for most students to afford. However, Auburn Global rates are steeply high, considering the current market value. I can't choose it another time for its housing services and will be forced to seek out housing. I will be forced to seek out accommodation in a cheaper facility. Currently, Auburn Global is charging higher as compared to Grove, that is charging $600 monthly. I believe that it is Auburn's extra-base services that result in the high fee. Although this is debatable, it is not logically based on the current rates that are slightly lower.

Other considerable places include Beacon Apartment and Samford. However, they are also charged higher every month. With the current high rates, I will be forced to undertake an aggressive search for an affordable place where I will not strain in paying monthly housing rates. My observation is that housing rates are gradually increasing, complicating student's accommodation arrangement with the majority opting to stay in squalid conditions that are not worthy for a student. Due to learning demands, I believe that a student's learning environment plays an essential role in their general wellbeing while undertaking their studies.

Choosing a roommate is a sensitive issue among students concerning accommodation and places to stay. A roommate is one who is bound to influence one and can either build, uplift, and inspire or discourage and take in the wrong path of self-destruction. Thus, I may not choose a roommate and will be forced to stay alone. I may not wish to complicate my education or have a roommate I may not get along with in the long run. I believe that whoever one commits to staying with has a direct impact on their general life principles.

Pairing With a Roommate

At Auburn Global, the management chooses a roommate for you, and one does not influence who they share a room. I believe that this is unfair as it may place one in an awkward or unfavorable condition, primarily when one is assigned a roommate who has negative attributes such as poor hygiene or insensitive to environmental concern. It would be better to even live with a friend who one can establish a comfortable living environment without complications At the same time, and one may be assigned a friend who does not like you, complicating the matter further as one will be forced to live only with the prevailing circumstance against their will.

Bad Environment

Forrant and Linda maintained that the environment plays a significant role in one's lifestyle (45). For example, the level of hygiene in one's housing area is directly influenced by the prevailing environmental factors such as waste management system, drainage system, pollution, and general cleanliness within the region. Other factors, such as noisy neighbors can negatively affect a student's wellbeing. For example, staying with a noisy neighborhood is bound to impact negatively on students learning a program or personal tuition. My neighbor has the habit of getting his party until 3 am, an alarming scenario at night.

Some neighbors are known to party all night, a scenario that may cause unnecessary sleep inconveniences a situation that may impact on several aspects of a student's learning. Another socially disturbing habit from my neighbor is smoking along the corridor or at my door.

Trash is another environmental issue that always bothers me. Even though the institution has wastebaskets around the housing units, waste is a common feature strewn along the pavement and housing area. The scenario is an eyesore and unappealing within the institution. I never fail to find trash at my door each morning. Despite raising the issue with my neighbors, no change has been forthcoming.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Institutions of learning should ensure that the learning and living conditions of students conform to the laid down regulations and laws. The environment plays a significant role in a student's wellbeing, and if left unchecked may lead to unfavorable learning conditions for the students. These include housing and environmental concerns that have a direct impact on student's living. Apartment allocation is another vital aspect and needs careful assessment and strategies. From room allocation to the high cost of the apartments, the institution should make the apartments affordable to allow a large number of students to live comfortably without financial constraints on other factors such as tuition. Students should also conform to all housing regulations, such as cleanliness to create a pleasant environment for other students within the institution.

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