UAE Road & Transport Sector: Aligning Strategies for Success - Research Paper

Paper Type:  Research paper
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Wordcount:  631 Words
Date:  2023-03-04


A significant success factor is a factor required to ensure the success of a company. Several factors contribute to the success of the United Arab Emirates in aligning programs with strategy. commitment is one of the factors that has contributed to the growth of the road and transport sector in the United Arab Emirates. Since alignment strategies require going through various technical stages, the team management commits itself to support team members in overcoming challenges and making important decisions. The United Arab Emirates has also adopted advanced procurement systems, which is a significant factor affecting the aligning programs with the system approach. These systems have contributed significantly to the success of the program in collaboration with stakeholders and supply chain (Kerzner 2018, pg. 67).

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The leadership system in the United Arab Emirates has also contributed to the success of aligning programs with strategy. Leaders play a significant role in fixing and implementing policies and procedures required for the success of aligning programs with strategy. The decentralization of the high education system has contributed to the success of the United Arab Emirates. The relationship between decentralization and alignment of applications with a plan is the ability to reflect diversity in cultures and solution methodology. A positive and healthy relationship exists between the national level and the local R&D; hence, the positive development of the United Arab Emirates there is also flexibility in the movement of skilled labor and experts between organizations, thus generation of different working cultures and knowledge sharing.

Key Deficiency Factors

There are many reasons why aligning problems with strategy could be a failure. One reason is the poor corporate strategies where policies are not known to the members at the project level as the top management hides it for purposes of maintaining power and sensitivity of the plan. Project managers may not find the need to know and understand the detailed policy. Lack of clarity of the strategies is also a key deficiency factor. Failure to account for problems such as the environmental pollution caused by the transport sector in Dubai is also a cause of failure in strategic alignment (Costa and Einstein 2018 pg. 230).

Lack of alignment causes the development of a weak strategic framework. Loss of m 2090omentum where people gradually lose enthusiasm about the strategy is also a significant deficiency factor. Unfavorable inflation and exchange also adversely affects the implementation of strategic plans. Strategic alignment of programs require a collaborative means between coworkers top management and the government, where this effort lacks support the deficiency is brought about,


Selecting the right alignment strategy for the industry is essential for achieving results goals and growth in a business. It is, therefore, necessary to find the proper alignment strategy to ensure increased efficiency and increased profitability (Abdallah, Belloumi, and De Wolf 2015, pg.2090) While selecting the right alignment for the industry, it is essential to develop a strategic plan by involving the management team and coworkers. There is also a need to find a mechanism for selecting projects by having a criterion where people can put forward their ideas and project assessment methods. In developing the right alignment and strategy, there is a need to create organizational structures that work. An organizational structure that is conducive to developing a plan should be designed for growth.


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