Reading a Passage and Answering Questions on Adaptive Leadership

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Date:  2022-12-06

Changes that Kyle and Harrison tried to implement in the team and how it affected the team attitudes, beliefs or values of the players.

Both Kyle and Harrison are exceptional players and wanted to change the team culture. The team culture was one more driven into partying than playing at the highest competitive level. The success of the changes implemented is elaborated by an adaptive leadership approach (Obolensky, 2017). This type of leadership is different from others; it takes to step back and analyze the situation. After examining the situation then creates a plan on how to handle the situation.

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Challenges the team faced were they technical, technical and adaptive, or adaptive? Examples one can explain.

The challenges faced by the team were both adaptive and technical. Technical problems are one in the workplace that can be solved by a known solution. In this situation, the players lacked technical skills which would enable them to excel in games. The two co-captains noted this and hired an expert to solve this issue and improve the skills of the players. Adaptive challenges are those that are not clear and cannot be addressed by the authority of a leader. These challenges require the leader to encourage others in the effort of trying to change their beliefs, values, priorities, and attitude (Obolensky, 2017). Kyle and Harrison wanted to change players' beliefs, attitudes and value from that of partying to a becoming competitive.

By use of examples explain how captains engaged in each of this adaptive leader behavior:

(1) Get on the balcony- it is stepping out and finding a solution despite how the situation is challenging. Harrison steps in the defensive line despite an excellent offensive player to help develop others.

(2) Identify adaptive challenges- Kyle and Harrison identified the problem in the team and decided to seek the help of an expert. They hired O'Brien who had a good reputation as the coach to improve players' skills (White, 2016).

(3) Regulate distress- Kyle and Harrison managed this by holding a party dinner, and every player wrote what they wanted off the team. The objectives of each player were read out loud, and they shared everyone objectives.

(4) Maintain disciplined attention- Kyle and Harrison tried to encourage others to be competitive and change the culture of the team. It was done by holding of meeting to discuss team goals and keep everyone focused.

(5) Give the work back to the people- Kyle and Harrison provided the team direction by reminding everyone of the team objectives and leading by example.

(6) Protect leadership voices from below- Kyle and Harrison ensured all the team members were treated equally and with respect.

The holding environment the co-captains created for the team, and if it was successful?

The holding environment created by co-captains was sufficient since the leader who handled the situation were experts. Kyle and Harrison saw they cannot serve all the roles and decided to hire an expert who has experience in O'Brien.


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