Red Star Macalline Group New Strategy Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-03

Why is Red Star Macalline developing a new strategy?

Red Star Macalline group corporation ltd which was the largest home furnishing and improvement shopping mall were in need of a new strategy that would favor their operations. They were developing the 1001 strategy which meant building 1,000 brick and mortar shopping malls that focused on improving home products and one platform for the internet. They intended to integrate the products into some seamless ecosystems of connecting them to the end user, this would be done by the use of the internet. It was evident that technology was growing and the corporation needed to adjust to the changes in technology so as to remain relevant and compete favorably in the market. The technology was having an impact on the industry and had a lot of disruptions, Red Star Macalline needed to evaluate the strategic responses of their operations as the industry leader to understand the impacts of the disruptive technology.

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RSM intended to convert itself into an enterprise that is technologically driven. Initially, the corporation had set up physical stores where their customers had to visit to receive services. But they now wanted to link themselves from online to offline, where they could reach to their clients regardless of the platform they use. This strategy was meant to improve their services as employees could easily interact with the customers, whereas the customers found a platform where they could interact and discuss the products.

Red Star Macalline wanted to remain a market leader, and the only way they would do that was through developing the new strategy. For them to keep growing they had to remain profitable and this can only happen by reaching the market and making transactions easy and convenient for them. Moving from physical stores to a platform where purchases could be made from anywhere through the help of the internet. Sometimes it is good to monitor customer preference and the global technological changes to meet their expectations. When customers have a good experience, they would always prefer where they are served better, for that reason RSM had to develop a strategy that would improve the relationship between them and the customer.

What are the key success factors for the execution of RSM's strategy?

Over the years the marketing environment has kept changing, online stores and shops with the help of the internet keep popping. The RSM's strategy had success in its execution, it made it possible to drive customer traffic, becoming a fast follower, better customer service, utilization of technology and reduced costs.

With the help of the internet, a corporation is capable of reaching to a wider market. A customer does not have to get to where the stores are physical since they can easily place orders for the products they want which makes their experience better (Bourgeois & DAVID,1984). This improves the number of sales which in return improves the levels of profits a firm makes. Driving customer traffic to your organizations is capable of bringing success as you will have an advantage of advertising what you have in the stores and any other new products.

RSM's strategy made it possible for them to be fast followers as they would be ready to adjust to the new changes in technology whenever they prevailed. They needed to get their products to the market as quickly as they could, research has proved getting into the market for products that you see as a potential is important when you get to the market by making an early offering.

Another success factor is the better customer service which plays a critical role in ensuring that the relationship between them and the customer is good. Where customers get the products with ease, they will always come back for a similar service unlike where they are not. This is an important factor that is capable of generating more sales. With the strategy in place, employees can interact with the customers to get feedback for their products and services so that they can make improvements to maintain the customer base. The platform equally saves on time and cost which would have otherwise been incurred by moving from one place to the other.

Identify and justify your choice of three specific initiatives that RSM could pursue to execute their new strategy?

There are a number of reasons as to why an organization should evaluate the complexity of their projects. For instance, RSM's strategy needs a number of initiatives to ensure the process is a success. The initiatives include; developing strategy prioritizing criteria, analyzing their resource capacity and organizing information on their current as well as their planned projects.

In developing the strategy an organization needs to identify which goals should be met first, is it meeting short-term sales targets, is it reducing the cost of production or increasing customer ratings. All these initiatives are critical to the success of a company, but they cannot be done at ago if the company does not have enough resources. For that reason, it would be important to prioritize on which brings more value as they wait to put the other factors in order. That is why there is a need to analyze the resource capacity before implementing a strategy.

Another initiative is to organize information on current and planned projects to see whether the new strategy would have a sense if implemented. It is not always the case that when new strategies are implemented they will bring success, there is a need to carry on a research to see the findings to make decisions on which move to make.


Bourgeois. L.J & DAVID R. BRODWI (1984). Strategic Implementation: Five Approaches to an Elusive Phenomenon

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