Essay Example on Career Choices in Security and Loss Prevention: Options and Outcomes

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Different arguments have been made regarding the career choices and the future professionalism of individuals. According to Koii and Nalla (2004), a career path in security and loss prevention offers a variety of options that a student can adapt. However, the desired outcomes and the field that an individual wish to enroll to after the end of the course plays a major role in deciding which course to choose. Many security fields require computer experts to analyze and make assertive decisions on security-related issues. While criminal justice offers a wide range of professional growth, computer-based security courses offer learners with skills required in the dynamic corporate world in the 21st century.

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According to Fischer (2012), the security industry has evolved since 2001. Many security positions have been created both by the government and the corporate world. The topmost government officials in the world today who advise the president are security experts. Apart from the armed guards that are seen protecting business n other properties, other security personnel's who are vital to both internal and external security exists in the world today.

To work as a security expert in the world today, a person needs proper training on how to perform the given tasks. Universities and colleges across the globe have formulated courses to help equip students with the security knowledge required in their profession. The emergence of new threats both computerized and physical has widely contributed to the emergence of many security courses. To work in any security industry, skills and expertise obtained from learning institutions are crucial. Criminal activities have diversified from direct threats to computer-based attacks. To prevent such attacks, a person needs to have the computer skills required in the security field.

According to Greggo and Kresevich (2010), acquiring professional training in accredited leaning institutions gives opportunities for students to grow in their specific career field. Security management cannot be left in the hands of unqualified personnel. Therefore obtaining training in either criminal justice or computerized security training is essential for all individuals who wish to specialize in this field. However, the choice of career choice depends on the interest individuals have on the field because specific trainings is needed for every area of specialties.

Should the government play a role in security regulation?

The controversial issue of security regulations in the world is a major conflict between the private sectors and the government. The interest of the general public has to be considered before any security policy is implemented (Chiappinelli, 1992). The government elected by the citizens of a country is given the mandate to act in their best interest. Therefore, the authorities have to establish guidelines to ensure that both the private and public security sectors do not interfere with the lives of individuals.

Corporate security firms in the United States wish to be left uncontrolled by the government. However, due to the importance of the sector in ensuring peaceful coexistence between citizens of the country, the government has to intervene. Security sectors often utilize excessive force when dealing with threats. If left unregulated, use of weapons in cases that are not necessarily may be witnessed m security firms. The privacy of individuals also needs to be protected. When the security firms are given the freedom to spy on individuals, their rights are violated. Therefore, before the government allows the intrusion of an individual's privacy, it has to establish that it is the best course of action.

In a world full of cyber crimes and identity theft, the government has the mandate to ensure that its citizens are not subjected to security policies that are against the constitution. Security firms should be regulated to ensure that they adhere to the stipulated laws governing their operations. If the industry is left to regulate itself, the rights of individuals may be at risk. Therefore, the government must regulate this crucial sector to protect the interest of the citizens.

Potential liabilities associated with limiting individual's rights

The constitution of the United States limits the actions of the government in limiting individuals' rights (Fischer, 2012). Criminal proceedings are regulated by the court of law and unless the criminal has been convicted by a court of law, there other organs of the security are not allowed to interfere with their right. An individual is protected by the constitution from an invasion of his rights unless exerting them inflicts harm to others. Therefore, the court has to be adamant when reviewing possible remedies to the violation of individual rights. The security arm of government can, however, convince the court on the importance

During a criminal proceeding, an individual can file a petition to stop the security agents from presenting evidence that was obtained through an unconstitutional invasion of their privacy. For example, if a tracker is put on the defendant's car without authorization by the court, evidence obtained may be nullified. However, the government can act in the best interest of its citizens and interfere with individuals' rights. When the country is experiencing terrorism threats, the security agents may spy on people who are suspected to support the groups.

Private security agencies are prohibited from using illegal means to violate the rights of individuals (Fischer, 2012). When a person files a lawsuit against the agency for interfering with their rights, the court may rule in favor of them to preserve the constitution. However, the government may have privileges over individual rights. The potential protection afforded by greater government scrutiny is worth the reduction in individual freedom. To carry out its mandate the government needs to ensure that all individuals are in line with the security measures formulated. Therefore, if an individual's freedom inhibits the authorities from carrying out its security functions it can be reconsidered. Investigations are permitted by the constitution to ensure that the citizens are protected.

What challenges are presented by installing CCTV cameras?

CCTV cameras are perceived differently by employees. While the management's intentions for the installation of the cameras are for the protection of both the workers and the properties, most people view them as a means of stalking them. When installing the cameras, the management has to educate the employees on their importance. To ensure that they do not inflict on the privacy of the workers, the installation team has to conduct a study on the areas that should not have the cameras. Ensuring CCTV cameras is not seen as an invasion into employees' privacy is a major issue.

Ensuring that everything recorded by the CCTV cameras is for security reasons only is a major issue in the privacy invasion. Apart from monitoring the activities of the given area, the CCTV cameras record all the information. It is difficult to monitor all the activities happening at the same time as the cameras can only focus on one area at a time. Therefore, the security personnel have to ensure that authentic information is recorded.

The issue of transparency is also a major challenge during the installation of CCTV cameras. The management has to ensure that employees and other people visiting the area are aware of its presence. However, the issue of normality is raised by its awareness. People are likely to behave differently when they know that they are being watched.

What might you do to advertise the fact CCTV cameras are in use?

Employees have to be made aware of the existence of CCTV cameras in their area of work. Therefore, the use of posters in the installation areas will serve the purpose of informing them. The posters will carry the bolded message of CCTV use warnings. The posters will be in places that every person visiting the area can see. To ensure that the messages are clear and visible to everyone visiting the premise, enough lighting will be provided in the posters area. People must know that they are being watched. However, the location of the CCTV cameras may remain hidden to avoid wrongdoers from tampering with them.

Where CCTV cameras would not be allowed under any circumstances?

CCTV cameras should be installed in areas that do not interfere with a person's rights for privacy. For example, cameras put outside do not violate the privacy of individuals but the installation team has to ensure that they do not point to someone's windows or bedroom. CCTV cameras cannot be installed in bathrooms or dressing rooms. To ensure that the privacy of individuals is respected, the management has to ensure that these areas are not under surveillance. A person expects to have privacy while visiting the bathroom or the dressing rooms. Therefore, the installation of cameras in these areas may be seen as a violation of their privacy.


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