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Management and leadership are crucial processes that need to be well integrated to attain organisational goals. In most cases, some people tend to confuse leadership and management. The two play a different role in the success of a business. Management strategies are incorporated with leadership qualities to drive the productivity of the workforce. In this case, it is essential to comprehensively evaluate the potential success of the business with respect to the management skills deployed and the alignment of employees with their management team through useful leadership frameworks. Diversity is one crucial factor that affects the performance of many organisations. Good leadership qualities address the issue of diversity and create a unifying working environment for all employees. Therefore, it is important to associate the impact of leadership skills in the development of an efficient management strategy.

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In the management of a diverse workforce, it is important to understand the cultural and individual beliefs of the employees and create a culture which appreciates each's beliefs, race, gender, age and religion (Northouse, 2018). As a manager of the Greenfield Grocery Store, I intend to create a successful environment that addresses the diversity in the employees as well as driving the success of the store. Embracing diversity in the management of Greenfield Store will facilitate a suitable working environment for the employees and motivate their input in their daily performance in the activities of the store. With a team of 35 employees under different departments, I intend to consolidate their operations and create a common goal that will be embraced by each one of them. In this light, individual efforts will lead towards a common goal hence drive the success of the business.

Role of Leadership

The business world is facing a wide range of transformations which requires subsequent reaction to keep up with the pace in the business and market competition. The advancement in technology, de-regulation of the markets which entails the removal of market barriers, privatisation of businesses and changes in demography require sufficient skills and leadership knowledge to embrace the changes and keep the diverse workforce together. (Northouse, 2018). The harmonisation of the changes and the vast requirements in the business world with the diverse needs of the workforce is vested in the ability of the manager to ignite the urge for performance in the in employees to drive increases in the business economic performance. As the manager of Green fieldGreenfield Grocery store, I plan to work hand in hand with the team in different scenarios by deploying relevant strategies to address the issue at hand. In this case, I will advocate for team teamwork and close interaction among the employees. Additionally, I also aim at influencing the entire team towards the business goals as well as being available for everyone not just standing in the shadow of the manager and wait things get done on the ground.

Providing Meaning and Purpose

As a leader, I intend to steer up the business progress through the provision of meaning and purpose in the employees. Creation of vision is one of the critical roles played by leaders by defining what is expected to be met in the course of the operation. (Northouse, 2018). Greenfield Grocery Store aims at embracing diversity as well as realising the success of the grocery as far as customer satisfaction and quality of goods and service delivery are concerned. In this light, I will set achievable goals based on the evaluated potential of the team. Diversity in the team allows it to attain different activities based on their team interests and upholding the customer interests from the diverse population component. Communicating the vision of the business to the team helps in sustaining the expected goals. In this light, I will communicate the vision of Greenfield Grocery Store to the employee to create a common working objective.

Inspire Vision

One of the roles played by leaders is inspiring employees on the shared vision. Therefore, to adequately address the diversity in the employee skills, I will acknowledge the contribution of each employee as well as demonstrating their influence in the success of the store. In reducing the friction experienced in attaining the objectives of the store, I will involve the team in the definition of the organisation goals. Additionally, according to (Northouse, 2018), communicating the progress and celebrating the achievements instills a sense of belonging among the employee and impacts on employee motivation. Therefore, I will embrace communication on the development of the performance of the store and the advancement towards the objectives. In case of success, corresponding celebrations will be apprehended.

Structure of the Environment in Line With Business Goals

According to...., physical structures under which business transactions are carried out as well as the control extended by the managers in line with employee autonomy is crucial in creating a conducive working environment for the operation of employees and business transactions. Therefore, I will adjust the structures of the store to favour employee comfort and advocate for the success of the store. Management will provide employee evaluation and uphold policies that reduce excessive employee control and supervision. I will expect the employees to fully apprehend the policies of the organisation and the rules and regulations. However, the autonomy of the employees will be respected to enhance their motivation and commitment. I will encourage individual contribution as much as it takes into account the objectives and the vision of the store. Additionally, I will influence the outsourcing of the qualified staff to take on the responsibilities of the business. Outsourcing should be based on the requirements of the Grocery. Therefore, I will be tasked with the role of evaluating the requirements and the demands of the Grocery and administering policies as well as deploying the right staff for the role.

Motivation, Empowerment and Enabling Others

Leaders tend to serve as a source of motivation, empowerment, and enables others to realise their potential and work to optimum performance of the organisation .organisation. My role as a manager should, therefore, impact on the employees' abilities to attain the best output from their efforts. A delegation of duties reduces confusion and defines the particular roles each is tasked to accomplish. (Northouse, 2018). Understanding the specific responsibility tasked with can impact significantly on employee motivation and performance. Employee enthusiasm can also be trigger satisfaction. Creating a conducive working environment and appreciating individual efforts of employees influences employee performance and the resultant impact on the organisation's success. I will inspire the employees to attain their individual goals and business goals collectively. I believe that by advocating for collective goals attainment can improve the enthusiasm of the employees and hence impact on improved task accomplishment. Reward system can be adopted to encourage performance. On the other hand, employee education programs will be adopted to influence the development of employees along vital support in line with the accomplishment of the Greenfield Grocery Store duties. This can allow for career development and professional growth. In addition to the training programs, I will advocate for internal seminars to facilitate sharing of knowledge and skills among the employees. I can encourage mentorship programs to familiarise junior staffs with the culture of the organisation .organisation. On the other hand, job rotation will be encouraged to equip the employees with diverse skills in different departments of the store. Employee reskilling programs allows the employee to keep up with the current trends in the business world.

Development and Sustaining Organizationalan Organisational Culture

The organisation culture is critical to the success of a business. This entails the sociocultural components, diversity in the business, values as well as beliefs of the business. Businesses should embrace social corporate social responsibility and address the basic external features of the business. (Mullins, 2007). The employees should adhere to the social requirements, organisational beliefs and values. This contributes to the development of a sustainable environment created by business sustainability. Greenfield Grocery Store advocate for diversity in its operations. Therefore, the composition of the organisation's employee and its responsibility to society need to focus on achieving the primary goals of the business. Application of McGregor's XY Theory of Management

According to McGregor postulated the two theories of employee management. The theories include the X and Y theory which bring out the different perspectives of the employees towards work. Theory X provides for the view that average people don't like working, people need to be directed to work effectively, work achievement is unimportant to different people, and people work for money. In addition, the theory X indicates that people lack the desire to improve their life quality and tend to be dull as well as uncreative.

Based on Theory Y view, I will evaluate each staff's potential and devise strategies that encourage their participation in daily activities. Motivation will impact significantly on their performance. This includes rewards and remuneration which according to theory Y view. Challenging the employees to improve their standards both in their lives and on duty can serve as a motivation factor and enhance employee motivation. Additionally, it can serve as sensitisation to the need for achievement at the workplace about increased output, business success and the resultant employee recognition programs. The recognition programs can be addressed concerning their success and appreciation programs. With regards to offering direction to employees, I will provide a sense of direction, inspire them for a common vision, communicate the objectives and involve them in setting the targets which I believe will impact on their participation in the attainment of the business vision and the defined goals.

The McGregor's Theory Y view, however, explains a different perception of employees towards duty. According to, Theory Y view stipulates that work serves as a natural rest to people and people exhibit a sense of self-discretion and self-control which is also influenced by a sense achievement which is termed essential to many people underemployment. Creativity, desire to improve the quality of life and the consideration of money as a benefit for work are highly common as per the Y view of McGregor's theory. Therefore, it is essential to convert the X perception of employees to Y perception to drive business success.

It is important to uphold a high sense of integrity, consistency and fairness in addressing the employees with the X perspective of work to allow for positive employee performance in carrying out the activities of the store. Planning on the various ways and strategies to influence the activities and the attitude of the employees on employment is important in realising the goals of the store. Planning entails defining frameworks to be adopted across the business to achieve improved performance in the success of the business.

Application of Leadership Styles

Leadership theories define the type of leadership styles used in managing a team of employees towards the objectives of the organisation. In this case, I will embrace situational leadership as well as transformational leadership qualities. The critical factor in the management o...

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