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Learning is a process which is supposed to incorporate various aspects intended to upgrade memory and content retention by the end of the whole process. According to my opinion, learning should involve interesting ways of material contextualization for it appear so captivating to the learners, and that their concentration is guaranteed to a hundred percent score. One of the main reason behind why the ancient forms of teaching and learning appeared relatively dull is because the technological simulation of various concepts had not yet been achieved. Thus, assumptions and hypothetical ideologies were the primary forms of passing knowledge to the learners. According to the information contained in the book called "Management Information System," written by Laudon, and especially concerning the information system called MyLab, Systems have made the learning process quite easy and highly reliable since content retention is seen to have an upward trend (Laudon & Laudon, J.P, 1999). The policy covers full learning circle for marketing management, business communication, and introduction to business, and MIS. The system is designed in such a way that it makes everything easy to comprehend and easy business transactions and interaction processes. Nevertheless, there remains a question on whether can properly excel by incorporating the current use of MIS as a managerial technology. In case there is a positive response over MIS by companies, could there exist any latent challenges or drawbacks associated with the use MIS in business enterprises?Business firms have currently shifted their managerial style into the digital methods which involve the use of a digital system, developed in such a way that it can handle critical business procedures more accurately and effectively. I wish to agree with the "Laudon's ideologies on business MIS, that the current world has faced the full transformation in the technological world. Firstly, according to the data collected from the United States of America, is that more than 67% of the American population have got access to mobile phones converting into 247 million people. Moreover, more than 46% of the entire population to have gained access to smartphones and tablets, which is an approximation of 167 million people, who can comfortably access internet services via those gadgets. Therefore, embracing MIS in businesses is a quick step which can see companies excel in a highly glorified manner. Availability of customers in any business enterprise is what counts in a paramount way by the end of the day, although the ease in which the whole transaction process is done still matter. The use of internetworked platforms to make online orders for the company's products by customers has become so comfortable and quite convenient due to the customer satisfaction of getting a chance to preview the available products, read on their features, select the most favorable outcome and hence get a the product delivered to his/her doorstep. On the other side, the use of management information systems within business enterprises has seen a significant advancement when it comes to the tracking of transactions that took place an on a specified particular date or period and hence be able to predict on the immediately expected trends for the business.

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One of the main reason as to why I agree to this form of business transformation in the current world is that marketing of the company's product is the heartbeat of the nature of the expected sales within the current market situation. E-marketing has therefore made a quick step towards making this argument valid, and of highest reliability since, most of the people nowadays can access information of the companies of interest either via social media or on the specified company's websites where a sophisticated display is enabled.

The use of educational systems within the business environment does not only help in the marketing endeavors of a business enterprise, but also in the process of easing the management team from the massive burden of manual planning and evaluation of the business progress. Investing in technology and systems by the manager's aids in providing real economic value to the business and that is the underlying primary reason behind building and maintaining of such systems with the assumption that, the returns will be higher than the construction cost, considered as superior returns. However much such an assumption may deem appropriate, I wish to disagree with the fact that there is always a hundred percent turnover on any business enterprise which embraces educational systems as their backbone towards making superb sales. The puzzle which should be filled is why there are still struggles in the management and marketing issues over company's which embrace MIS? Therefore, we may agree on the fact that technology is not the solution towards solving the company's problems. To understand how the whole process of incorporating MIS in business can have both favorable and adverse effects, then we have to consider several advantages versus their disadvantages, as explained in the few paragraphs below.

Firstly, as one of the advantages of using MIS in business, the business owners can collect, process and consequently interpret data as captured using the educational system. Having the ability for the data sets to include almost all the features major business operations such as sales revenues, cost of production and the output related to employees, I can, therefore, agree on the advancement and say that it is helpful towards reducing so many business hiccups which would occasionally cos the business irreparable damages. It is therefore natural for the managers to use the data that has been captured by the MIS system, to have a close comparison with the previous time data and hence come up with various adjustments on the production strategies. According to what I clearly understand when it comes to MIS is that, one of the significant superintendent principles of MIS clearly can is known to be; all the businesses which are computer-oriented process work as a single integrated system which gives a chance for improvement on the nature of communication amongst all the managerial departments and their employees. Due to the ability to access a shared data for all the levels of management plus employees, the shared information would, therefore, help in making various adjustments from the manufacturing plant to have proper alignment with the set production and sales targets.

In any business enterprise, decision-making serves as the critical drive about business operations and performance. My opinion is therefore based on whether MIS can assist the management team in making non-regrettable decisions aimed at improving the overall services towards an extended business market. Like it has always been quoted that, "knowledge is power," as an old say, information gathered from MIS is therefore of great use in making sound and smarter decisions for the business. The only major challenge that could arise as a result of overdependence on MIS application data interpretation is in the cases whereby the system has developed several root errors which could consequently lead to a wrong understanding of data, contributing to a business catastrophic business failures. Again, it is never a guarantee to have the information always giving out the correct and reliable information. Just another drawback, when there are loopholes within the system and are not easily identified or corrected, and the company could hence incur great loses in the very end. Let's take an example with a telecommunication service provider in the case where there is a system downfall; customers would then make free calls, use open data, or even manage to transact on vast amounts of money especially whereby there are mobile banking options.

One of the most challenge faced with MIS systems is based on data security for the business enterprise. People with bad intentions such as hackers, corporate saboteurs and identity thieves are always in the run to get sensitive data belonging to a company of their interest. Once obtained such confidential information, such as vendor information, critical bank records, and other vital assets for the company, hackers may use it to sell to the rival company and hence lead to irreparable losses.


In conclusion, I would like to acknowledge the far the technological advancements in the business-oriented fields, primarily via the use of MIS, and concur with this book that it is the time when all businesses in the world should realize the importance of embracing MIS systems in their business as a way of reaching to a broader range of customers and hence manage to maximize sales in the very end. However, my main worry lies in the way to curb security issues related to data security as it can act as a real threat to the company's security hence converting into great loses which are hard to recover. Therefore, something ought to be done to make MIS the strongest and highly reliable marketing, production and management tool for every business enterprise.


Laudon, K. C., & Laudon, J. P. (1999). Management information systems. Prentice Hall PTR.

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