Assignment Example on Time Management

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Date:  2022-11-05

Consider a useful way to organize the time blocks.

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To ensure good organization of the time block, we should make use of italics or bold letters when indicating only the key event that happened in a particular year, while the explanations are indicated in the normal state with no italics or bold letters. This will help the reader o easily identify specific events.

What is your position on managing our resources?

Resource management deals involve managing how the population interacts with the resources in their environment, some of these resources include, land and water. Management of the resources is essential and should be upheld by the government and the environment inhabitants this is because the resources play a big part in the improvement of the inhabitant's lives, for example, a resource such as land act as the main source of food and income for most people. Therefore, the most effective methods of managing these resources should be implemented.

What, in your opinion, what should be the most important consideration for how we manage our resources.

The most crucial consideration for how we manage our resource should be made by first assessing if the resource benefits surpass the needed cost of conservation. If the conservation of the resource will result in good benefits such as being a source of income, then their commitment and effort to maintain the resource future well-being should also be ensured. For example, land conservation tends to bring about huge benefits as compared to the cost used in preserving it. Therefore people have put much effort to ensure that it is well protected.

What other considerations also help you decide how the resource should be managed?

The decision on how to manage a resource will be made based on various consideration that includes, first, the means to manage it will depend on whether the resource is directly linked to the peoples quality of life. If it improves people's lives, for example, acting as a source of income, then people should consider using the most convenient management method. Secondly, through assessing whether the local inhabitants are in a good position to manage the resource. The management method to be used should ensure that the locals are at the frontline of managing the resource. Thirdly, assessing whether the resources interfered with the surrounding environment. For example, a particular resource may be affecting farming in the area, and this leads to the implementation of a very strict management method.

Imagine you are the persons listed below:

State your reaction the situation: (This should be a comprehensive response and should reflect learning in the previous activities. Use quotes from or references to reading you have done to support your comments whenever possible.) Situation:

The local government would like to sell a large number of acres in your town/city/ village to a corporation in Florida for the development of a tourist facility. What do you think?

A member of a local indigenous tribe: Selling the land to the tourist developer is not a good decision, this is because the development will interfere and destroy our resources such as land and rivers that have been in good condition for many generations. Some of the resources to be destroyed are our only source of food and income.

A sourdough: (an old timer who has lived in this area for over 40 years) As a sourdough, selling the land for development will not be a good decision. This is because the intended development will result in the displacement of the inhabitants. The inhabitant's valuable resources that have been protected for generations such as the forest will also be lost

The city manager: (hired from another location in Alaska, born in Alaska) Selling the land will be a good decision since the intended development will result in the growth of the region, for example, the business in the area will improve. The development will also create employment for the people living in the area, therefore reducing the poverty level.

Describe yourself and give your point of view. As a student, selling the land for development will be a good decision. This is because the intended development will bring about more positive impacts in the area as compared to the negative effects. For example, The development will also enhance the living standard of the region's inhabitants.

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