Essay Example on Scrum: Simple Framework for High Quality Product Development

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Date:  2023-05-08


Scrum is a simple framework within which an individual or group of people can use different techniques and processes to effectively collaborate in addressing complex adaptive challenges, while innovatively producing high-quality products. Due to its simplicity to understand and also the lightweight nature of the software, though difficult to master, it provides the relative success of product management and working techniques. As a result, it enables the organization to constantly improve the working environment, employees' conditions, and the product. Scrum, therefore, is considered a very crucial framework that plays an important role in product development, delivery and sustenance of complex outputs. However, for effectual product building, both sprint planning and sprint backlog creation are very significant as they encourage the cross-functional group to frequently identify and review the list of recorded and updated tasks necessary to be strategically undertaken next for increased productivity.

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Sprint Planning

Sprint planning is a very significant event in the whole process of the scrum, facilitating better product development. With increased environmental, market and technology intricacies, organizations and product producers have resorted to having superior agile methodologies to deal with increased interactions among the collaborating teams (Sachdeva, S.2016). In the scrum framework, scrum events play a crucial role in establishing regularity and in minimizing meeting needs not clarified in the scrum. All events happening in scrum do have the maximum duration and cannot be changed in sprint planning. Sprint planning meeting in the Scrum agile framework becomes a significant event for creating product development objectives and strategic plans for the next sprints based on product backlog review.

At the beginning of the sprint planning meeting, the product owner selects significant features of the products to be developed and presents them to the development team and product managers. The main objective of identifying the most important feature of the product to be developed is to clearly define the main sprint goals. Additionally, it is also to ensure that user story integration criteria are clearly presented and finally so that the development teams have clarity of Definition of Done (DoD) (Sachdeva, S.2016). Since the three stated elements directly affect the success of the sprint, the development team must perceive product vision and design user stories that achieve project objectives. A successful session of sprint planning carried out by scrum master ensures that all participants comprehend the purpose and result, define major sprint goals to be achieved in the next prints and identify the sprint backlog for the future sprint (Sachdeva, S.2016).

Sprint Backlog

The sprint backlog is very crucial as it provides a precedented list of actionable tasks made by the scrum team to be carried out by the product development team and managers throughout the scrum sprint. The sprint backlog is a list of prioritized activities that are needed to support the strategic plan of various product development (Sachdeva, S.2016). These activities must be ones that the development team has a mutual agreement to work on next. The typical list of items and information contained in the sprint backlog includes various user stories, functionality changes, bug fixing, daily activities, and remaining workload to achieve sprint goal. By using the Definition of Done, the development team can determine when a given task is completed or not. Due to its task ordered by priority, it provides clear and concise activities the development teams are required to accomplish for the better result.


For better product building and to address complex adaptive challenges, scrum must consist of both sprint backlog and sprint planning. Sprint planning is a very significant event in the whole process of the scrum, facilitating better product development. During sprint planning, the entire scrum team comes with ways and set of activities to achieve the work at hand. The sprint backlog, on the other hand, plays a significant role as it contains a list of prioritized sets of actionable tasks pointed out by the scrum team to be accomplished throughout the scrum sprint. Both sprint backlog and Sprint planning enables product development team and managers to have a clear product road map which is as a blueprint for product development


Sachdeva, S., 2016. Scrum Methodology. International Journal Of Engineering And Computer Science.

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