Topic: Effectiveness of Palliative Care on Management of Cancer

Date:  2021-09-02 03:49:58
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Search Terms: Palliative Care, Cancer, Systematic Review, Emperical Study, Treatment, and Effectiveness

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Search Combinations: Effectivess and Paliative Care, Care Treatment and Paliative Care

Search Strategy

Keywords were entered into the search engine of google scholars with terms, such as Palliative Care, Cancer, Systematic Review, Empirical Study, and Effectiveness. The search was linked to advanced search tools and help pages, which were located near the search results with options and unique features, as well as subject categories were taken into account.

The topic was defined, and search terms and keywords were established to determine the resources to be consulted. The information needed and where it could be sourced were the main factors that determined the nature of the search strategy. Resources were selected based on the quality of the information needed and sources were tracked and compiled.

Phrase search was also part of the search strategy. Double quotes were used around phrases to clip constituent words together, for instance, cancer and palliative care. truncation was also employed as a search approach. Words were shortened, and alternative endings of the word sought. For instance, the word system, located system, systems and systematic, as well as other variations. Synonyms of the underlying concept were also used to broaden the search. For instance, cancer was user interchangeable with a cancerous condition and terminal illness. OR and AND were used in widening the scope of the search and in linking several concepts to generate a refined search. Search was limited by data, keyword, subject, heading, authors and research type. Information of the journal was also critical informing the search strategy. Date and authors particular were available for perusal and exclusion and inclusion criteria employed.


Systematic Review Strategy

Gomes, B. & Higginson, Irene J. (2006). Factors influencing death at home in terminally ill

patients with cancer: systematic review. (n.d.). BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.

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lymphedema treatment in patients with breast cancer-related lymphedema. Supportive Care in Cancer, 23(9), 2705-2710. doi:10.1007/s00520-015-2633-9

van, . B.-E. M. H. J., de, R. J. M., Kessels, A. G., Schouten, H. C., van, K. M., & Patijn, J.

(2007). Prevalence of pain in patients with cancer: a systematic review of the past 40 years. Annals of Oncology, 18, 9, 1437-1449.

Empirical Studies

Stromgren, A. S., Goldschmidt, D., Groenvold, M., Petersen, M. A., Jensen, P. T., Pedersen, L.,

Hoermann, L., Sjogren, P. (2002). Self-assessment in cancer patients referred to palliative care: A study of feasibility and symptom epidemiology. Cancer, 94, 2, 512-520.

Sun, V., Grant, M., Fujinami, R., Ferraro, C. D., Ferrell, B., Koczywas, M., Freeman, B., ...

Uman, G. (2015). Effectiveness of an interdisciplinary palliative care intervention for family caregivers in lung cancer. Cancer, 121, 20, 3737-3745.

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