Think-Aloud Technique for Teaching Writing Skills - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-06


This is an approach that is used in pre-teaching and reinforcing particular concepts in writing. It is an instructional method that can be used in the demonstration and illustration of a wide range of skills that are related to writing. It mainly focuses on teacher demonstrations of actions in developing and creating a text (McKeown & Oakes 2019). It helps and encourages learners to use their words to create their writings rather than p; plagiarizing a document.

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Think Aloud Technique

This is a strategy that allows students to say whatever they are thinking aloud, be it solving some mathematical problems, reading, or only response of questions to other learners. According to Cedeno (2019),it helps learners to demonstrate practical ways of approaching and solving a difficult problem employing the complex thinking process, which emphasizes reading comprehension and other demanding cognitive functions. This approach enables the student to learn how to learn and to learn how to think.

Labelling Technique

This is a coaxing and a motivating method that involves assigning a custom, character, attitude, or a label to an individual, then making a plea of that individual as per the label. It is categorized into two, namely; static and dynamic.

Explicating Technique

This is a technique that is applied in criticism and experimentation that is used for close analysis of an expert, or in analyzing a text that has been taken from a long piece of art. It is a strategy that is used to tell about values and figures of tones, themes, contrast, and anything else that adds value to a given text (Bandara, 2020).

Emergent Writing Literacy Skill

This is an extensive set of language and literacy techniques, which are mainly focused on the primary importance and development of developing reading skills. These emergent literacy skills are the foundations of reading and writing; they include skills, attitudes, and knowledge that students develop before they practice formal reading and writing (Nixon, 2001).


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