Theory Is and Isn't

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Date:  2021-03-10

The theory is a proposition of accepted facts or assumptions that try to provide a rational explanation of casual relationships in an observed phenomena. However, the theory can be further explained as mental replicas of the professed reality. The theory has helped the researchers to conceptualize the problems they are encountering in their research work. Using qualitative models do not articulate the way theory have been applied, and so far no prudent approach exist in the application of the theory in the qualitative studies (Sutton, et al., 2005). One of the approaches which can be used to know what theory is or isnt is by forcing students to identify assumptions employed in the papers which are describing certain phenomena for example what is the difference between process and variance theories?By doing so ensures that students pay attention to the theory that underlies the phenomena.

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Theory should be Cared for

The theory is the very crucial thing that we should be able to keep in touch with it in our daily activities. It helps us to explore to the matter at hand from different angles with an aim to further find new ideas which are going to be used in future as facts. Students can be inquired on types of theoretical that address a research problem in the area they are interested. Students should come up with different theoretical perspectives that can be used in answering the research question and give a discussion on possible implication of each point of view. They should also provide the limits of these perspectives. They should further pick the formal statement of the theory and try to analyze the way theory is right. All these approaches used here have attempted to explain to the student why some part of the humanity works the way it does and if so what are the proper ways to handle it. The student will be able to address finer details concerning his/her area of interest. The theory is about coming up with ideas which can help to solve the problems we are having (Sutton, et al., 2005). For example, research institution is developing theories by their faculty rather than relying on the existing theory. It means that theory is a fact that is needed to explore further matters and find better answers to our current questions even if the same issue had been tackled elsewhere using another theory.

Theory can be Borrowed from Different Perspectives

Ideas do come from different angles, and one can say that it comes from different discipline. To understand this idea a student can be asked a question that consider nature of the problem that has led to the theory development? The The same student might try to identify gaps and some contradictions in a particular literature stream which can help him/her to understand different phenomena which results, in theory, development and by doing so he/she will have developed a fact to address the matter in question (Cannella, 1994). However, to further support that theory comes from different angles, it is wise to consider how certain theory relates to other topics i.e. theory of self-regulation may be linked to goal setting work-family conflict. It is then clear that theory can be developed when we encouraged ourselves in thought experiments and at last we can be able to come up with an idea which can help to solve the certain issue.

Reference list

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