Theodore's Imperialism and its Impact on the Philippines - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-30


Over the past century, the imperialist referred Theodore is a common understanding among the weak and robust knowledge of his aim among the civilians. The opinion was feeble because Theodore used to idealized imperialism that was to last forever making civilization savages among the nation. Also, it was too loud because the imperialist used to prepare American-occupied Philippines purposely for independence amongst the generation (Wertheim, Stephen pg 494-518). Through America's ideals of its democratic political system and its self-government, the imperialists' ambitions were in assumption. Those ambitions are channeled through the powers of regular elections and also the powers of the congress. In American foreign relations there existed imperial occupation which always remained as a significant aberration.

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However the imperialist took part in reediting political life through reinvigoration of offices by him following a lackluster line of chief executions. Party leadership, public dramatization, and the education of people were the great powers seized by the presidents (Cooper, John Milton). The authorities helped in keenly understand the appropriate tactics to be used by the states government in ruling civilians. Through mass journalistic media, there was a precise dramatization of oneself by Theodore Roosevelt acting as the first American president to do so (Cashman, Sean Dennis). He epitomized power enjoyment through his expansion and exuberant manner of his ruling. He exploited all the roles of office with skills and zest.

Furthermore, various examples on the beginnings of how different acts quickly see policy matters and the global relationship of the known imperialist. First of the model is the experience of the outbreak of the Spanish war where Theodore was involved in the intervention of involved parties. His party during this time come into power since there were enthusiasm and zeal of response. Another example is in the jungle place where also power was to be exercised and applied.


In conclusion, the imperialist Theodore has brought up the importance of power exercising and also the best advantageous side of such.

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