The Sons and Daughters of Liberty - Essay Example on American History

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Date:  2021-06-17

The background of Sons and Daughters of Liberty gets construed as an organization which got formed by people who got courage. They recognized that talking and politicking alone would not bring to an end the tyranny of the British. They, therefore, resorted to other means especially those that got termed as extralegal (Ulrich, 1). Their major composition got based on the patriots who came from the north and south. The organization also got balanced regarding gender hence the name Sons and Daughters of Liberty.

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It got created in at least thirteen American colonies. The first major historical significance got drawn from the protection of rights which it offered to the colonists and the war which it launched in fighting the taxation measures by the British government. They also served the historical obligation which dealt with the issue of correspondence which enabled them to assume positions everywhere on the colonial seaboards (Fradin, 2). They equally ransacked the houses which got meant for the British officials and gave out threats coupled with intimidations on the people who supported taxation.

It may, therefore, get argued that to some extent, this group of people got feared by the British. Their main aim got based on fighting for the rights of the people and ensuring that justice gets given to the less fortunate. The next notable historical significance that the organization offered got based on the provision of colonial projects which would guarantee the unity of the people (Fradin, 3). Therefore, most of the historical significance of this group got based on struggles which it undertook to ensure that the aspect of equality among other issues got achieved in the United States of America. The mentioned comes to light with the consideration of the underlying matters that got tackled and even the opposition of taxation coupled with threats to ensure that the people were liberated.

It should also get noted that the organization brought considerable contributions to the American landscape orientation with two columns. The American Society of Landscape occurred as a firm which dealt with issues of providing garden maintenance, edging and other services that ensured land maintenance. The Sons and Daughters of Liberty this ensured the continuation of the same but through the use of a different approach. They majorly gave orientation programs on the vitality of the landscape and how it is easily manageable (Norton, 3). Further explanation and justifications of the organization get based on various images that portrayed the underlying issues within the organization.

The image above majorly elaborates on the people who formed the Sons and Daughters of Liberty. As mentioned earlier, the organization got composed by both the sexes (The Sons and Daughters of Liberty). On the dimension of the sons, they initially got referred to as "The Loyal Nine," before their name changed (Norton, 5).

The image above depicts a few people from the group trying to put down some writings. It gets argued that there existed the terms estrangement which defined the person who belonged to the organization of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty (Ulrich, 2).


In summary, Sons and Daughters of Liberty got noted to primarily get composed by both male and female members who were courageous and ready to defend the interest and rights of the colonists. It recognized that engaging the British government into talks and politicking alone would not guarantee freedom to the people and thus resorted to other means which made them become feared.

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