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Date:  2022-07-08

Music is a crucial element in daily human existence. The role of music in life is essential in the cognitive, creative, and emotional attachments it creates. Music has a soothing effect on the exploration of different emotional perspectives in life whether happy, sad, scared, sacred, angry and relaxing among others. The human instincts can differentiate between music and noise even at very tender ages due to the brain pathway in processing the melody, pitch, tempo, and rhythm created by musical notations (Greenberg & Rentfrow 2017). The human body release and production of the dopamine hormones show the positive effects of the mood create by music because of the strong emotional attachment of joy, fear, warmth, and sadness. Again, music has a life reflection effect in relation to the experiences a person faces in life making certain songs to have a positive or negative impact on past life episodes. Furthermore, music has a psychological and health implication of the listeners' livelihoods. This paper will discuss an argumentative perspective of different songs that have reflected positive impacts on my life experiences. It will use the songs that will relate to the different life aspects in my life.

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Initially, I will begin with the impact of my migration from Kenya to America a while back. The experiences of my immigration will reflect the song "Since you been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson. The song serves as both a consolation and a reassurance for the losses and promises anticipated to the move. Although I moved from Kenya at a tender age - seven-years-old - the relocation had a psychological impact on my life I was devastated to leave my friends and relatives because of the close neat social interaction that existed back at home. The new environment in California America offered a different lifestyle. The lyrics of the song by Kelly Clarkson - Since you been gone - offered me a goodbye console that disregarded my previous relationship with the old life, and promised me better opportunities ahead. The song fitted into the occasion of my life because of the time I took to adjust to the new culture, social relations, and wellbeing opportunities. The song offers reassurance when Clarkson says "You're dedicated, you took the time/wasn't long till I called you to mine..." (Stanza 2 line 1&2). In this song, I was able to feel the attachment I held of my native country and it took time to adjust to my new home but, when I found peace in the new life I owned it wholly. The song offered an improved mood effect and lessens my anxiety because it reassures me of moving on with an appreciation of the new environment that was free from previous struggles and challenges. The song also acts as a stress reducing agent because it allows me to compare between the life I lead back in Kenya as opposed to my new life in America where social amenities and livelihood was different reassuring me of a promising future ahead.

Upon settling in this foreign land I now calls home live takes different twists and turns that makes my life different forever. Although I came from a happy family I was not content with the family structure. We lived with my parents and two brothers. My twin brother and my elder brother had each other's back and were compatible playmates leaving out in the most of their endeavors. Having lost my old friends and having difficulties adjusting to the new environment I felt left out in many aspects of life. I started longing for a younger sister as a playmate. After three years my parents announced of my dream coming into reality with an anticipated new family member. This was the first time I heard the song "Mary did you know" by Clay Aiken. This song fitted perfectly at the current situation of my life at that time. I had started getting acquitted to the new system of life. The song formed an anticipated festivity mood and the joy of the news from my parents. This song offered reassurance to improve my mood. It created relaxation and happiness that regulated my emotions. Now that my dreams were turning into reality I did love the joy that was packaged in the new openings in my life. Although the promised joy was not fully defined there was hope. The music plays a significant effect on the reduction of stress and anxiety. The lyrics from this Christmas carol promised the wonderful gift from the unborn child - Jesus - in the life of his parents and the world at large. Aiken questions his character Mary on the anticipated great thing the unborn child would do in the lives of the people he will interact with later. The same was happening in my life, my unborn sister would be my playmate, my source of consolation, and my confidant. The song application to the current situation in my life at that time and that of my entire family was promising and true to it we had to shift from the small apartment we were living in for the last three years and other numerous aspects of our lives were due for change. My soon to be playmate became a 'deliver' of the 'deliverers'

The new anticipated guest in my family offered an important twist of fate in our lives. The place we had called home since we arrived in America, Oakland California, was now too small to accommodate the entire family. We later moved to Lathrop California in a two storied house. The new situation of my life reflected Gwen Stefani's song "Rich Girl" as an inspiration and promise for improved and better livelihood. My dreams were now coming into reality I was praying to move from the school I was attending in Oakland because I hated it there and was excited to move to make new friends in the new environment. This showed that I did not have much attachment to the type of life I had led in Oakland. At this time life was turning my way I was to get a room for myself rather than sharing one with my siblings. The opportunities awaiting me were promising. In reflecting the "Rich Girl" we climb from the bottom to the top showing the impression of life mobility in social status. This song shows that life mood changes with inspirations of hope to a bright future. Reflecting on the impression created by the song rich girl show the wishes coming true in real life where a person thinks of the greatness of upward mobility in life.

Additionally, nothing lasts forever in life. Joy is short lived and the newfound happiness was faced with challenges. The obstacles of life bring things that darken the celebrations of success. Life changed as I grew up making my life feel helpless especially during the time my father got ill. The reflection of John Legend's "Tonight (Best you ever had) and This time" brought a point of reference on the past experiences. During the low points in life one is able to meditate on the good time's life had offered as a source of inspiration to show that the life is not a bed of roses, there are times of jubilant and other times when things go sour. The opening statement of the song by Legend is consoling telling the audience it is alright, followed by reflecting questions to show the people the far they have come. The song gives hope and inspirations amidst the hardships of life showing the listeners that not all times are happy and sadness does not last longer than necessary (LaGasse 23). In this trying times the lyrics from "See You Again" by Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa to encourage the listeners that hard times are there but not personalized. The lyrics give hope and encourage the listeners that not all people can see what you are going through. It is not written on the face the far you have come from and the obstacles that are hindering your progress. The smooth sails in life are not accountable for the trials of today. The essence of family life and the people that matter in life is significant as an inspiration to keep fighting during hard times. The duo say "How could we not talk about family when the family's all we got?" the encouragement of the individual source of strength shows that it was important to know despite the hardships one is going through the family is a strong pillar.

Life at trying times seems stagnant. The world seems to stop and making emphasis on the painful experiences tend to last for a very long time. We are very anxious to see the dark clouds of our lives pass. Yet, its very had to get reassurance that all will be alright someday. The things that seem to come our way are all the pain and the hurting experiences that one feels like giving up (Van Goethem & Sloboda 2011). However, all is not lost when some encouraging like the lyrics from the song by Mansionair - Easier - that acts as a pillar of strength. It repetitive reassurance of things will get easier reflects the hard times I was going through and seeking comfort after my father had suffered so much in life in the battle with cancer. These lyrics emphasize of the much-needed comfort "Easier, easier, easier, easier, easier, easier, easier, easier, easier, easier, easier, easier" to signify of the good times ahead.


In conclusion, the reflection of the different songs that applies to soothing effects and encouraging reassurance to the points in life. Music is an integral part of life because of the essence in therapeutically impact it offers to human beings. Music of different tone, mood, rhythm, and notation has a direct impact on the listeners' lives. A person can hear a new song and it gives him or her a meaning to the life experiences he has suffered or is going through at the moment. Therefore, music forms the essence and meaning of life.

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