Essay Sample on Neural Development

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Date:  2022-11-08


An optimal ability can be defined as the degree to which a person can produce the best possible result in any situation (Fischer & Rose, 1998). This can be achieved only if the brain is functioning at its best and it is properly taken care of with the right nutrients and flow of information. As a human being we only attain like nearly 10 percent of our brain function, therefore, we are just operating according to the needs of our time. So, what happens when a person feels that they are operating at their optimal ability? It is not difficult to attain optimal abilities since the current challenges that we are facing as humans can only be solved by our own who have attained their optimal abilities.

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As an enthusiast of science and technology since childhood up to my current age of almost 26 years. I have always been fascinated by the engineering of broken and even new gadgets. I tried to learn since I started walking since I could see and touch and also know the difference between the same gadgets. I developed a quest to know what makes a cellular phone to connect two people who are in different spheres and what makes a radio produce sound yet it is in the house with no presence of the new anchors. So, I developed the urge to know more as I indulge my brain to understand more on that subject matter by learning more and doing more.

Personal Motivation

As a person, I had a personal motivation that I can do anything as long as I indulge my all sense in making sure (Fischer & Rose, 1998). I strived to learn any news or learning material so that I could develop my own system of engineering instruments ranging from transistors and capacitors. With age being a limiting factor for me to enter higher learning at my age at that time which was 12 years. I remember assembled an old radio that was laying in waste at our school. So, the question that many teachers were asking was how could a 12- year boy who is not a major in any physic class or any engineering school be able to assemble such an old gadget. Some could say I was acting and doing what kids of my age could not do thereby terming me a genius. Genius in the real sense that they use and optimize their ability to the maximum.

Social Context of Support

What followed was a series of support from my teachers who informed my parents that I was a genius and had a talent that can be utilized and produce the best. The best support a child can get is when the parents are supportive of the child and also journey with them as they develop more their goals and objectives (Fischer & Rose, 1998). My father was fun of radios and especially the car stereo that used to be jammed whenever the fans were on during winter. So, secretly I went and rectified the problem of his car stereo and that's when he believed in me after I showed him how I worked on it.

My skill at that particular time and up to now is how to assemble and disintegrate machines and gadgets. This skill was self-acquired since no one taught me rather I learned it from various books and magazine and also saw in the television commercials. This kind of skill can be said to be a basic level of skills. Skills that are acquired through continuous doing and learning through non-contextual things.

My goal was to one day develop my own system of communication in our own backyard that can be used as a telecommunication center. This dream and goal had me working day and night throughout the year at times missing dinner or plays with family just to finish on the prototypes I was developing. I remember when I was 18 years of, I developed a communication system that used to interfere with the school's own system. This lead, me to be in detention since I could not revert what I had done. This incidence made me strive to make a better communication system that will not fail whatsoever. The kind of morale that is developed from that day made me have a goal in life.

The goal of making my own communication system lead to my success. Setbacks and failed prototype and also backfiring of instruments lead me to assemble my first and original prototype communication system that currently runs in my own town. Having assembled the system from scratch and coping some of the design from existing company's and also from engineering books of which is used to borrow from my friends in college. The sight of waking up and realizing that I build it on my own gives me a sense of achievement and also a success. My peers envy me since I can develop something they cannot and also my parents and teachers are happy. I can attest that I have achieved my optimal abilities after this successful first achievement.


Fischer, K. W., & Rose, S. P. (1998). Growth cycles of brain and mind. Educational leadership, 56, 56-60.

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