The Rise of Fascism, World War II and the Holocaust Essay

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Date:  2022-10-03

World War II that lasted between 1914 and 1917 marks one of the greatest wars in world history. The war saw major world powers form military alliances that were opposing. Notably, the war was not just on the basis of political ideological differences. Factors such as arms race, racism and need for vengeance on the German side greatly contributed to the outbreak of the war. It is hard to discuss World War II without mentioning the great contribution of Adolf Hitler to the war outbreak. In fact, it his moving public speeches that incited the Germans into believing they were the best race and needed a space to live. These sentiments that were put forth by the Germany emperor at the time, Hitler, motivated the Germans to trigger the outbreak of another world war. In addition, many Jews lost their lives in the public persecutions that were ordered and directed by Hitler. These persecutions are referred to as the Nazi Holocaust. Furthermore, Fascism, an authoritarian rule characterized by dictatorship, was the key course of the war. Hitler's Fascist rule triggered the outbreak of World War II that marked the greatest persecution of the Jews in world history.

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One of the distinctive traits of Hitler that made him a prominent world leader who lean the whole world into a disastrous war was his oratory skills. He made many public speeches that ignited a sense of nationalism amongst the Germans who were left victims of World war one (Cox, 2009). Perhaps, one of the worst comments made by Hitler was the suggestion that all economic problems experienced in Germany were directly related to the presence of the Jews in the country ("EXTRACTS FROM MEIN KAMPF BY HITLER," 1981). The high levels of unemployment and economic deterioration in Germany were the major threats in Germany in the interwar period. It is in his book, Mein Kampf (My Struggle) that Hitler expressed his political ideology and future plans he had for Germany (Brower & Sanders, 2014). The book expressed Hitler's anti-Semitic stand and that of his party, the Nazi party.

On the statement that the only way to manufacture a new earth and a new heaven would be by persecuting the Jews; Hitler expresses openly his anti-Semitic ideology. This ideology was later followed by a great persecution of the Jews in Germany. Furthermore, the statement encoded what his ideology in his book, Mein Kampf, was all about. In the book, Hitler states that it's a defined task to defend oneself against the Jews (Brower & Sanders, 2014). On even a worse statement, Hitler notes that one cannot become a citizen of Germany unless one has the German blood flowing in him/her (Cox, 2009). In other words, these statements by Hitler, expressed either in his writings or his public speeches, express the highest level of anti-Semitic Ideology in world history.


In conclusion, Hitler did not the only course the outbreak of a global war but also mobilized a whole country against one race, the Jews. Hitler used all means necessary to ignite his country against the Semites. Apart from his book, My Struggle, Hitler used his gift of oratory to inculcate Germany into a new belief. Furthermore, he also stated that the Treaty of Versailles was partly to blame for the Germany predicament. He was not only able to achieve the Germans range against the Jews, but also started persecutions that saw many Jews lose their lives in the progress of World War II. The only way Hitler could achieve a new heaven and a new earth only through these persecutions. In simple terms, Hitler promised emancipation of Germans from two major disasters; the Treaty of Versailles and the presence of Jews in Germany.


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