Paper Example on 70s: Rapid Change in Society: A Look at 4 Articles

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Date:  2023-01-11


From the four articles, it is possible to note the close relationship in which the four authors have managed to depict the 70's. Although it is largely observed that the people from the 70's era were in much need of a century that could represent their strength and wellbeing as an age group similar to that of the '60s. Upon a glance at the articles, it is possible to identify the fact that the '70s was a time of rapid change in various societal aspects. For instance, in the David Frum's article, "How we got here, the author has managed to present the reader with a vivid view of the state of affairs in the United States in the years leading to the 1970s. David is keen to point out the poverty, violence, social classism as well as other vices that the society was up against at the time.

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On the other hand, Bruce. J. Schulman focuses on the massive societal changes that swept through the United States in areas such as the political landscape, cultural orientation and other essential settings of the society. The Americans living in the '70s were subject to rampant change that was sweeping through at the time. The crime was another issue that has been addressed in these articles as being a significant factor that also engraved the 70's. This is well illustrated in Toobin's prologue more so in the "nervous breakdown nation" where the author focuses on the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst.

Bruce Schulman's main argument about the 1970s

Schulman begins his discussion by basing it on the claim that the '70s came into being in the wake of the sixties and despite the changes that were witnessed during these times, the '70s remained under the shadow cast by the events and occurrences that took place in the 1960s. The author is the founder of the sixties and claims that the '70s came into existence as an anticlimax of the wild excitement that was experienced in the predeceasing sixties. Among some of the reasons that the author has given for the sixties to be more popular among the people include the escalation of the War in Vietnam, the summer love that swept during the summer of 1960 and also the resignation of President Richard Nixon from office. With such significant occurrences taking place in the 1960's it is difficult for the '70s to present any significant happenings that may have moved the people to their core.

Article of choice

Of the four pieces, I took a significant liking to David Frum's, "How we got here". The opening sentence in the report is captivating enough to make any reader want to read the story to the very end. The author's opening statement starts by quoting Thomas Jefferson and says, "I prefer dreams of the future to the history of the past" and follows up with the question, Could there be a more American statement than that? From the very beginning, the author can capture the reader's interest with such witty and catchy phrases that would make any American want to read more and get to understand their country at a particular time in history. In his article, Frum has managed to base most of his arguments on the future of America as a nation and the various revolutions that are expected to drive the country forward. The reading, therefore, managed to appeal to my interest as a devout American citizen.

Discussion question

The sixties have been a significant rival to the seventies in terms of the occurrences that took place in several decades. However, the seventies played an equally important role in shaping our nation into turning out to the country that it is today. Discuss.

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