Essay Example on WWII: Bloodiest War in History, US Entry After Pearl Harbor

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World War II is regarded as the bloodiest war the world had ever seen. This is because the war was fought nearly on all continents, and it resulted in my people losing their lives and destruction of properties and economies. Some of the continents that were involved in the war included Africa, America, Europe, and Asia. The United States entry in the war after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941. In this case the Japanese brought the war the US doorstep. The United States has to mobilize its troops and act to the cowardice act of the Japanese army.

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Primarily, the African American community was being left out in any plan for the war. This took the efforts of a black labourer leader known as Philip Randolph to threaten a march to Washington is black Americans were not involved or hired defence industries. Fearing an international embarrassment President Franklin Roosevelt issued an order that primarily banned any form of discrimination in the defence industries. This is the backbone of American American civil societies and movements.

Primarily, the contributions of the African American soldiers in WW II was not recognized or registered in the American collective of the war. The African American soldiers were willing to fight for democracy abroad while they were being denied democratic rights at home. This act has, over time influenced several people to fight for the African American community, such as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

Effect WW2 Had on African Americans in Society

Integration of the US Military

Many Americans fought in the Second World War, and this number included about one million African Americans. The US army had been dominated by White Americans. The war gave African Americans to join the military and fight for the nation. This improved the approval of the government by the community as it saw that the government was making the necessary steps to ensure that the black Americans where involved in the defence of the nation. Currently, the number of Black Americans in the army is about 30% present.

Fighting Racism at Home and Abroad

The blacks in America had been racially abused for the longest time ever. Their involvement in the second world war. The government, by deploying the black Americans abroad as part of the military is primarily exported the African American struggle for freedom. When the soldiers returned from the war they started fighting for more freedom and recognition for the activities in the war. Consequently, they educated fellow black Americans of their rights and need for them to unite for betterment of the back American community.

The Rise of Social Movements

The fight against fascism at the peak of world war II resulted in contradictions between equality and its treatment on the minority population and America's ideals of democracy. During the war, Americans and other civil rights movements were fighting to end discrimination in the military. Mostly, after the war ended and with the start of the cold war racial discrimination in use was cast into the limelight prompting action from the judiciary and the federal government. This resulted in the abashment of racial discrimination in the military. This not only happened in the military but in other areas such as sport; for instance Jackie Robinson was the first individual to break the barrier of colour in the league of baseball.

Moreover, the black veteran of the war helped to destroy some of the racist and murderous regimes in human history. Primarily, when they were serving in the army there were subjected to victimization and racists review. This mainly created a powerful moral for domestic change in the US. Consequently, it motivated blacks to fight discrimination. Most of the soldiers after the were ended they moved to the cities to look for jobs using the skills they had acquired in the military. In these cities they motivated each other, and they formed power full civil rights movements to voice their grievances. Such campaign includes CORE, NAACP, Deacons for Defense and Justice, and the Regional Councils of Negro Leadership. Importantly, their efforts were fruitful as in 1948 President Harry Truman gave an order to desegregate the Army.

Primarily, world war II resulted in the explosion of reforms that the civils war was unable to solve. The worst thing is that these issues have come to be settled nearly a century later. All this time the black community was subject to discrimination and racial abuse the whites who perceived themselves to be superior. This makes world war II n important part of United States history. It helps to forester the radical changes.

The Birth of Civil Rights Movements World war II was the primary catalyst of social changes as people in the armed forces combines their ideas to give rise to democracy and new civil rights. These movements are the sole reason why the black American community has had its voice. Their movements agitated for equal rights for all Americans regardless of race religion or ethnicity.

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