The Relationship Between William Shakespeare's Life and His Work Essay

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Date:  2022-05-15

William Shakespeare is a man whose legacy has been in existence for a long while, and many people have been fascinated by the kind of work that he was doing in the world of literature. He was among the people who took part in the writing of poems and plays in the 17th century and whatever he did was exceptional. One of his commonly known works was Romeo and Juliet which was a play that he first wrote in the form of a poem, but people have been able to adopt it, and currently, there are those who are even acting it in the form of a movie. In that case, this paper seeks to identify the kind of relationship that existed between him and his work. The relationship between Shakespeare and his work is that was based on the characters he used, the connection between him and the society and also the themes that he presented in them.

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This thesis will be answered by focusing on some songs, plays, and poems that he wrote to be able to get a better understanding of the kind of person he was and also the life that he was living at the time when he was writing them. There will be the use of internet, books, and articles as sources that have been written about him to be able to get satisfactory information based on the kind of life that he was living. In that case, the main aim will be gain a better understanding of who Shakespeare was, and also the reason as to why he ventured into the kind of work that he was doing.

Shakespeare was an English playwright, an actor and also a poet and that was the reason why he was famous during his time. The life of Shakespeare was full of wonders, and it was not easy to identify whatever he was going to do next. He was born in a family of six, and none of his siblings were able to know that he would one day become a king of the theatre. His life was full of drama in that he kept all the things that he saw in writing (Pollard 7). For instance, he could be able to see a society that is full of conflicts and later on write a poem on how the people can be able to relate to each other. He could also see people falling in love and write a play about that incident. For instance, he wrote Romeo and Juliet as a way of portraying the fact that he loved being a society that was full of intimacy and affection. He also enjoyed being in a community that did not have any form of discrimination or biases.

Shakespeare liked traveling as he was not a man who could stay in one place for long. He loved taking part in exploration and as he believed that was the only way he could build his creativity and also be in line with the needs of his work (Luhrmann and Craig, 6). His life was a clear reflection of his work as a poet in that he could come up with a topic that was reflecting the feelings that he had but he could not expresses it using the usual way of communication. He earned his living as a poet, and that was the reason why he could not stay with his family for long. He left his wife and children so that he could go to London and study music and also know how to take part in stage plays. This shows that he had the passion of being on stage and sending messages to people in the form of comedy and plays.

Shakespeare wrote "The Comedy of Errors" in the year 1590 to show that he had made some errors in life, but he was not regretting any of them (Evans 3). He was always ready to make the world know some of the things that he wanted to pursue in person. This shows that his life was full of openness and that was the reason why he engaged in activities that could make him get into contact with the public. Shakespeare's work was made of figurative speech as he wanted to make sure that people understood his messages in a manner that was different and unique from the rest of the people who were operating in the same field. This shows that he was showcasing his life incidences and issues in his work so that they could have some form of connection.


In conclusion, Shakespeare's life and his work had a great connection when looked at the way he was behaving and also the kind of creativity that he was placed in his work. He was an extrovert and therefore made sure that the same was reflected in his poems and comedy. Shakespeare was not well connected to his family, but he still wanted to see people embracing togetherness to show that he was selfless. The fact that his life was always connected to his work is an implication that he loved what he was doing and was ready to maintain them. Also, this character is the one that made his works to remain in existence for a long while as it has been passed to many generations.

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