Essay Sample on John Bunyan: Tinker to Iconic Puritan Preacher & Writer

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John Bunyan was an English writer as well as a Puritan preacher. Before establishing his work as a known preacher and an influential writer during the era of King Charles I, John Bunyan was a tinker born in a humble background who faced a lot of challenges throughout his preaching career which motivated him in writing the most iconic Christian allegories during this time. The Pilgrim's Process is among the most reminisced work of the Christian allegory that brought Bunyan to celebrity. This article outlines the historical background of John Bunyan during the 17th century.

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John Bunyan's Historical Background

Bunyan was born on November 22, 1628, in Elstow south-central England and joined the Parliamentary Army that took part in the first stage of the civil war in the continent. He was a commercial tinker similar to his father before turning into England's most identified writer. He was making utensils such as pans, pots, and further related utensils. At the age of 16, he joined the parliamentary army where he was later discharged and returned home after three years of service in the military. He never wore his combat during the war. After returning in Elstow and got married at the age of Twenty one to his first wife who later died in 1658.. His wife used to bring him books which contributed to him giving up his recreational dancing, sports, and ringing the church bell. He started attending church services and go to war with all the potential temptations that rose during his transformation. He had transformed externally but battled with his yearnings of taking part in sports to reconcile with God. In his biography, he inscribed that he was tempted to sell his writing. He articulates that he felt like he was selling God if he sold his work just like a typical human may perhaps do.

The work of John Gifford who was a minister interested Bunyan hence he embarked on knowing more about the church. His main concern was to preach to his cohorts in chains and influenced the crowd to be aware of the enthusiasm he conceded. During his puritan era, Bunyan was faced by encounters of a bloody and hostile fight of the civil war with the parliament array against King Charles I for his unconstitutional and unlawful rule with the religious revolutionists grouped against the ascribed tax-supported church, the Church of England. The law required everybody to go to that church and take Holy Communion at least thrice a year. Other forms of worships were forbidden, and Bunyan's church faced the wrath of this rule. Revolutionists were imprisoned or seriously punished. John was arrested in January 1661and sentenced for 3months imprisonment for preaching which was a crime in this age. After three months, he was allowed to have his freedom on a condition of not preaching again which he rejected and ended up spending twelve years in jail.


Bunyan was born a free thinker hence was able to become the best writer among his peers as well as a prominent preacher. His life story shows that many people are experiencing difficulties of letting go of earthly enjoyments. Societies are experiencing the strain of letting go of material pleasures. The encounters faced by Bunyan during his spiritual journey influences the current Christians as they indicate the troubles experienced in the journey of seeking God's kingdom. While there is the freedom of worship, present religious people are facing adversities of dedicating to religion due to the demands brought by life. Consequently, Bunyan's background motivates me by enhancing my spiritual trust in God regardless of diverse life situations.


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