The Purpose, Importance and Benefits of Induction to Individuals and Organizations - Paper Example

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Date:  2022-05-23


Research indicates that induction training impacts the rate at which employees adapt to their new jobs. Recent studies show that about three-quarters of newly employed personnel decide the fate of their place in the business during their first week in the job. Therefore, every company or organization should strive to deliver effective induction program to their new employees to increase their retention rate. The duration of induction training or mentoring is not always specific and depends on the policies of the firm.

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Purpose and Importance of Induction Training

Averagely, most induction programs usually last for one to two weeks whereas intensive ones can surpass a month. Regardless of the duration, the objective of an induction process is the same; to impart the fundamental organizational norms and ethics to staff members. The primary purpose of inducting new workers is to absorb them into the workplace and make them understand the company traditions. Also, the orientation of new employees helps them to settle down quickly in the workplace, and make them feel like part of the family. That said, the next section of this essay will highlight on some of the benefits of induction training at the individual and organizational levels.

Benefits of an Effective Induction Training to an Individual

Firstly, an effective induction process makes the staff feel valued and respected by the management. It also makes them feel comfortable while undertaking their duties. Through induction training, employees with confidence issues and low self-esteem can feel at liberty with their emotions and not be afraid to express themselves. Consequently, this helps to boost the employee morale and loyalty.

Similarly, a proper induction process helps to create awareness regarding the duties and obligations of the employees as well as what the firm expects of them. As stated earlier, this helps them to develop insight into the company's work culture, norms and ethics, policies, and regulations. Hence, they easily acclimatize to their new work environment,

Benefits of an Effective Induction Training to an Organization

Inductees are usually curious to know about the nature of their new jobs and what their duties entail. Therefore, an effective induction program ensures that a new employee is not left in the dark and that he or she has the necessary information relevant to her job description. An employee who is appropriately inducted is agile and encouraged. Hence, capable of delivering his or her best. Consequently, the employee retention rate increases while the turnover rates lower.

Lastly, an effective induction program exhausts the fundamental paradigms of the organization. These dynamics include the mission and vision of the company as well as its work culture. Induction also encompasses the process of mentoring the new personnel on how to help in realizing the organizational goals. Therefore, this will help to increase the productivity of the staff. Thus, increasing the overall efficiency of the company.


The primary objective of this essay is to provide an insight on the purpose, importance, and benefits of inducting newly recruited personnel. This paper asserts that the purpose of the orientation of new workers is to integrate them into the company and make them understand the policies, rules and regulations, work culture, and the norms of the company. A properly inducted employee is more aware of the work environment and thus satisfied with his or her job. Consequently, this is significant in increasing the retention rate of the employees and boosting the overall proficiency the company.

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