Essay Example on Embrace Diversity for Creative Success: Nissan's Cross-Cultural Approach

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Date:  2023-03-02

In Nissan's ways' cross-cultural /functional, the employees are encouraged to be open-minded, show understanding towards various perspectives as well as embracing diversity (Nissan, 2016). Thus, if an employee is creative and welcomes diverse ideas and opinions, there is a higher possibility that they will contribute to the ultimate success of the company. These values will facilitate the creation of strategies that enables the setting of goals around creative outcomes whose results will accrue benefits in areas such as increased revenues and larger market share for companies. The combination of these values will further ensure that the employees are not close-minded in that welcome new ideas and ways of thinking from other people, which is vital in the high evolving and competitive environment.

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However, there is a combination of values from both concepts that would lead to organizational conflict. For instance, frugality and corruption could not only cause organizational conflicts but would affect a myriad of aspects of a business. When an organization is too frugal, business owners aim at saving money and minimize resources. While at times it is advisable to cut on costs, others may take it to the extreme that would affect both employee and company performance in ways such as producing low-quality products, causing staffing problems, and bad customer service, among others.

Corruption, on the other hand, occurs in many forms such as embezzlement of funds, extortion, or bribery, and all affect the business climate given that it leads organizations to lose profits as well as credibility in the eyes of their consumers (Nissan, 2016). Corrupt individuals within an organization will leave it with fewer resources to operate and would ultimately lead to weakened business development. Such individuals are self-centered and will always look for avenues to enrich themselves at the expense of the companies' profits.


Thus, in an instance where a business entity wishes to achieve maximum results using the minimum resources they have while other employees want to drain the precious resources through corruption, conflicts will be inevitable. An employee whose mindset is to use the available support to achieve optimal result will be against the corrupt individual whose aim is to drain the very resources they ought to be managing. Their relationship and ideas will always conflict, and in the long run, the success and the efforts of an organization to thrive will be undermined.


Nissan (2016). "Nissan to Produce new Crossover based on Kicks Concept" USA Retrieved from

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