The Pre-Colonial Era in America - Paper Example

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The three books clearly displays some of the crisis such as war and slavery in the colonial period. They have also come up with ways to solve the epidemic that helps the modern society solve their day today activities. This paper delves into discussing the events that occurred during the pre-colonial era in America.

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America was under the rule of Great Britain in the 18th century. Life in the late 18th century became harder due to the war that emerged in the region. The Americans had to protest due to the harsh rules established by the British soldiers. The colonist was treated poorly. The rebellion began, and Americans wanted to be free from the British soldiers. They wanted to make America an independent state. Paul's Revere's ride by Ted Rand talks more about Paul's revere ride on the day the British soldiers were at war with the Americans. The book shows how the Middlesex village and farms escaped death with the help of Paul Revere ride. The war in the American land is also displayed in the book. If you were a kid during the American revolution by Wil Mara. British soldiers had a strong influence on the activities of the colonial towns. The book introduces a young boy "Samuel" who is curious about many things. Samuel has a cousin "molly" who is the same age as his. Molly is courageous and likes spending time watching the lives of the people in the busy town. Samuel a young child playing outside at night comes across the hand of the British soldiers who are talking about his uncle Daniel and calls her a traitor because he was against the British rule and wanted America to have its government. Then what happened Paul Revere by Jean Fritz talks more about the laws that were introduced in the town of Boston. Culture also is one of the parts that was exercised in Boston, and Paul shows how after his dad died he took care of business. The three books entirely display the colonial era brutality and activities that took place in their cultural day-to-day activities. Also gives a way to show how a crisis like war and slavery are to be brought into end through peaceful methods.

If You Were a Kid During the American Revolution by Wil Mara

The story takes us back to the pre-colonial period when America was under the British rulers. A boy 'Samuel' at his young age come across the hands of the brutal British army while playing. He overheard the soldiers mentioning the name of his uncle Daniel and what comes into his mind was the difference that has been there between the British colonials and the Americans. Samuel was less courageous (Hulya, 27-30). He was scared but due to the courage of her cousin Molly they managed to escape their fathers who were being brutalized by the British soldiers (Molly is a bit more courageous than Samuel. She is rarely afraid to speak her mind, and she is always ready for adventure...). Being a child, they came up with a faster way of tricking the British soldier. Molly came up with an idea that finally was successful. They took their fathers away and eventually planned to move out of the town for the soldiers were hunting them down. These give a modern society a challenge on how to end the differences between states in a peaceful way. Though Molly and Samuel were too young, they managed to come up with a solution and fought for their father's life. This encourages children to be strong and courageous to face the harsh modern life (Routledge, 2015).

Fig. 1.A picture of Samuel and Molly.

Paul Reveres Ride by Ted Rand

Paul Revere explains the way he managed to save the people from the hands of the British soldiers, "he said to his friend, if the British march by the land or sea from the town tonight, hang a lantern aloft in the belfry arch of the north church tower as a signal light-one if by land, and two, if by sea". He came up with ideas on how to conquer the soldier with no bloodshed among the civilians in the village. He made two signal lights that would show where the soldiers were coming from if by sea or land. He was courageous, would spread the alarm to the Middlesex village to be up, and well-armed. Soldiers came through the sea, and the glim of light notified Paul that he had kept on the towers of the old north church. He rode on his horse to the village to alert them. The village was quiet and cry for defiance and not of fear was all that waved the air "it was two by the village clock when he came to the bridge in Concord town. He heard the bleating of flocks and the twitter of birds among the trees and fell the breath of the morning breeze blowing over the meadows brown". The Middlesex village was awakened by the hurrying hoof beats of Paul's horse. Paul was their hero as he showed the Americans the root that the British soldiers were to come through. Americans were ready to fight the British thus forcing the British forces to retreat to Boston. These give modern society an answer on how to be well prepared with social crisis and be able to overcome them (Tomlinson, 2015).

Fig. 2.A picture in the story showing Paul revere crossing the bridge into Medford town.

And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? By Jean Fritz

Cultural practices were done in the small town of Boston. Paul was focused as such, could not let anything drag him behind. He participated in many activities while he was a small town of Boston that had 42 streets, 36 lanes, and 22alleys, laws made prohibiting people not to have dogs that were more than 10 inches. Paul Revere being a resident in Boston, always kept himself busy at a younger age. He did a lot of work that made him sometimes forget what he was doing like at the beginning of a new daybook, he wrote, "This is my book for me to- "he did not finish the statement. Paul took over his father`s business when he was fifteen. He made beads rings bracelets and buttons. He also took a job in Christ church to earn extra money. Paul also defended his people when he took part in the war with the French and Indian soldiers who were crabbing the borders of the colony. Paul married Sarah Orne and had children who were Deborah, Paul, Sarah, Mary, Frances, and Elizabeth (including the addition of two babies who died young). He always came up with more ways of making money that included engraving portraits, making picture frames and became a dentist. He became a leader in Boston town and led soldiers in the war (Ciprut, 109). The modern society children must be focused to gain more as Paul did. Paul displays hard work and determination that should be copied in the contemporary life mostly by children.

Fig. 3.A picture in the story showing some of Paul's chairs at the kitchen table.

Americans had hard times during the colonial era. British soldiers were harsh and imposed harsh rules against the American. They mistreated innocent members of the village. The stories show how it was possible to solve the conflict without causing any bloodshed. With the aid of brilliant and more focused children in the society, the modern life will be more comfortable. Children are expected to be wiser and focus on different ways of making money, solving wars and other political, social, and economic crisis that may arise in the society.

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