Analysis of the Team Scenario

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Date:  2022-06-19

Will You Keep the Current Assistant Coaches and Support Staff or Start Fresh and Hire New Ones?

Considering the situation, that the team is currently facing, I will choose to maintain or keep the current supporting staff and the assistant coach. The main reason for wanting to keep the assistant coach and the staffs is due to theirwell familiarity with the team. For example, first, they are well aware of the strengths and weakness of every player. They can best identify each player and the positions in which they play best in. Such details will be crucial for me as the coach since it will help me familiarise myself with the team and also identify the specific changes that need to be made to improve on the success of the team.

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Secondly, they are well aware of the specific challenges that are facing the team that might tend to hinder the success of the team. For example, the team members could be lacking motivation, which is crucial tor, the team members to perform well. However, choosing to keep the assistant coach and the team members will have consequences such as they will continue portraying the same kind of leadership that they have always had which may affect the success of the team. This challenge can, however, be solved by me portraying good leadership skills and acting as an example to the others, this will help impact the change among the other support staff and the assistant coach.

What Will Be the Short and Long-Term Goals That You Will Set for Your Program and in What Timeframes?

The goals that one makes and the steps taken to attain them are essential in creating the career action plans. Goal setting tends to be the main component in the career planning process. Goals are usually classified into two, that is the short-term and the long-term goals. The short-term goals are those that are set to be accomplished between six months to three years. While the long-term goals are those that take between three to five years to be attained (Zaccaro et al. 2009). In this scenario, I have set clear short and long-term goals for my team. The short-term goals, which are set to be achieved before the end of one year, will include, first, improving the team leadership. The goal will be achieved by me acting like the role model through being in control of the team and ensuring that there are good relationship and communication among the team members.

Secondly, I will aim at improving the team cohesion. This involves enhancing the level at which the team members are willing to contribute to enhancing the team performance. Enhancing team cohesiveness will enable the team members to withstand their efforts on the team's behalf to ensure the achievement of the team's goals (Chiocchio, 2009). On the other hand, my long-term goals for the team that is set to be attained within two years will be to win in a major conference tournament, and this will be achieved through continuous hard work and commitment to the team and also through the improvement of the leadership and teams cohesiveness.

What Type of Team Culture Are You Going to Seek to Build and How Will You Do That?

A productive team culture ensures that every team member has a clear understanding of the reasons to participate in the team and how well the team fits within the institution. Team culture has proved to be useful in developing high performance among groups. In this scenario, I will use the championship culture that places a premium on the results of the team and the relationship among team members. The championship culture tends to have a firm sense of purpose and mission. In this culture, the team members have an understanding of what they intend to achieve and have the desire to make it. Championship culture also values relationships whereby the team members are valued due to their contribution to the team, either big or small contribution and are treated with respect (Sanchez, & Yurrebaso 2009). The championship culture will be developed through, first, creating awareness of the own team culture. This involves taking time to decide what culture is, the beliefs, values, and behaviors that you encourage and strive. This involves considering the kind of performance that you get as a result of the culture. For example either negative or positive results or how the team handles conflict and setbacks.

Secondly, encouraging the team to own the responsibility of developing the team culture. Culture is neither rigid nor does it remain positive or negative; it is always dependant on the psychological momentum and mindset of every person in the team (Sanchez, & Yurrebaso 2009). Every person needs to know that he or she holds the responsibility for how they intend for the team to be. For the team to adopt a particular culture, they need to take ownership of the culture, generate it and put it into practice.

Thirdly, acknowledging team conflict as a necessary and natural occurrence. Do not hinder conflict from occurring since it is a clear indication of a constructive method of resolving the unspoken doubts within the team. This encourages the team members to find alternative methods of resolving a problem. Conflict works only when managed effectively,

Forth, including everyone in the culture. Considering that developing a culture is every person's responsibility, it does not only concern the team but also involves the other support staffs in setting the visions, morals, and expectations (Sanchez, & Yurrebaso 2009). All the people that work to enhance the team's performance should to adopt one culture and lead by the same expectations for the culture to become alive.

How Are You Going to Get Current Players to ‘Buy-In’ to Your Program?

To ensure that the current players agree with my new program I will consider various things that include, first, allowing the current players contribution to developing my new plan. I will request for their views and opinions on what they wish to be done to improve on the team's success. Involving the players in the goals setting sill to make them feel involved in creating the program, therefore, they will agree to it. Secondly, I will ensure that I offer the final feedback on the goals I choose to implement. This will help in improving the team's confidence in me as the coach. Giving feedback will enable the team members to decide on the decision that does not favor them.

How Are You Going to Build Team Cohesion?

Team cohesion involves enhancing the level at which the team members are willing to contribute to enhancing the team performance. Improving team cohesiveness will assist the team members to sustain their efforts on the team's behalf to ensure the achievement of the team's goals (Chiocchio, 2009). I will build team cohesion through various ways that include, first, establishing a mission, the most crucial factor to identify before choosing the team members is the mission of the team. Plan on the expected goals of the team and the appropriate way to achieve the goals, and then choose the team members who will beat to contribute to the mission.

Secondly, Practising teamwork, conducting team building exercises acts as an effective way to view how the team members will work together to achieve a specific goal. Before the team engages in big tournament competition, first consider how they handle small tournaments and identify the team members who worked well together, and the level of teamwork. Use the details observed for application in the real mission

Thirdly, communicate effectively; a team can only attain its cohesiveness if only communication is effective. This is achieved by ensuring that the means of communication are constant, explaining the team's goals and instructions and providing that all the messages are created with the intentions of benefiting the team.

How Are You Going to Develop Leadership on the Team?

Excellent leadership skills are essential in enhancing the success of a team. Therefore, to achieve good results from the team I have to develop excellent leadership skills, this will be achieved through various ways that include, first, through motivating the team. Being a leader means that one is part of the team. Therefore, I will motivate those I work and collaborate within the best way I can. In case a team member needs, encouragement or guidance should be there to offer it at any time. Sometimes people need someone they can sympathy's and listen to them.

Secondly, Resolving conflicts, the individuals in the team may not always get along; therefore in case of any arising disputes within the team, I will address it by talking to individuals involved privately (Zaccaro et al. 2009). In case the disputes are not resolved, I will always be open about imposing consequences on the members.

Thirdly, being a good listener, being a good leader means that one has always to be in the spotlight. As a leader, I should listen to the feedback, opinions, and ideas of the team and support staff and act on their views. Good listeners know that communication does not only involve words but also picking up other nonverbal cues such as body language and eye contact.

How Will You Motivate Your Players During These Seasons of Rebuilding?

Motivating the team to make it the best may tend to be a difficult task. There are two types of motivations that include, extrinsic and the intrinsic. Extrinsic motivation involves encouraging a player to perform in the way you intend them to. While the intrinsic motivation is, the players desire to improve, attain, and succeed (Sanchez, & Yurrebaso 2009). I will motivate my players using various ways that include; first, creating the right environment, the player's motivation usually starts at the pitch, when a player attends the training session in the team's field they should fell motivated. This emotion can be aroused through developing a positive environment around and within the team's training facilities. The environment should inspire the team members for them to turn up and offer their best.

Secondly, setting goals, if the team is aware of the set goals and their specific roles within the team they will be motivated to keep pushing forward to attain the set goals. Thirdly, not punishing failure. Sometimes sports turn to be disappointing and may arouse different emotions, however, encase 0f failure to achieve the expected goals, I as the coach should not punish the players for the failure, but instead I will motivate them to keep trying hard to achieve the set goals.

How Will You Build Your Players’ Confidence in Both Themselves and You as a Leader?

To create a team that can work effectively together and achieves the set goals, the team must build trust in the leader and among themselves. Trust allows the coach to delegate tasks without worrying if it will be done (Zaccaro et al. 2009). To build a strong team, I will build trust through the following ways that include. First, ensuring transparency, one of the most effective ways of building trust is by showing the personal side. As a coach, I will always be as transparent as possible by letting them embers know what I intend to do and any motivation behind the idea.

Secondly, ensuring openness. To build confidence in the team and the leader on must create an open environment that encourages the team members to share their views and opinions. This can be done achieved through conducting team meetings. Thirdly, offering mutual feedback, if the coach provides the team members genuine feedback on the challenging team issues. The players tend to gain confidence that you are genuinely committed towards their success


Chiocchio, F., & Essiembre, H. (2009). Cohesion and performance: A meta-analytic review of disparities between project teams, production t...

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