The Mix of Media to Implement Public Relations Campaign Paper Example

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Public ties entail actions aimed at communicating positive messages or non-verbal images to a given target audience. The best way to deal with a public relations crisis is to address it directly in an openly face-to-face manner. People typically respond negatively to a scandal, but they hate lies and conspiracy even more.

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In most cases, public relations includes discussions, community presentations, press releases, and targeted radio and television programs to discuss and establish a brand. In so doing, the company may be required to settle on the types of communication media that it intends to employ to achieve its set goals and objectives. The media include but not limited to news media, advertising, internet social media, local newspaper and organizational website.

Through the local newspaper, many people in small towns and cities will be reached as it's the most used and preferred form of information coverage for remote and down-town part of the target area. On the other hand, the advertisement will target older people who find it difficult to concentrate and read the little writings in newspapers. To ensure that through PR Boy Scouts of America creates transparency and reacquires its trust from the community, the ad will contain huge, colorful letters which easily attracts the attention of older adults, inscribed with images of people, especially boys reporting cases of sexual assault. I also intend to update the website with the ad and images of sex rights officials attending to cases of sexual assault as well as an outline of the steps that Boys Scouts of America takes in ensuring that sex predators are aligned in court, and the victims served with the justice they so much deserve (Candanaccio, 2008). Lastly, social media platforms will be used to ensure that the victims can reach the responsible bodies obligated with handling sex assault cases.

The use of television, radio and social media in the company's PR campaign ensures that the organization remains in charge of the image being projected. The rationale behind the use of these forms of media coverage in a PR campaign entails enabling the company to slip past possible defenses against anticipated allegations easily, and at the same time establishing a connection with the target audiences through channels that they already know, use and trust. In so doing, we hope to control the PR message by allowing and facilitating the management of the positive and anticipated flow of information about Boys Scout of America. Moreover, the media will present us with first-hand opportunity to manage negative comments while giving correct responses at the appropriate time (Lee, Neeley & Stewart, 2018).

Community Relations in a PR Campaign

Significant improvement through positive community relations is most assured through building ties to the local community and surrounding environmental needs. This may necessitate an organization to spearhead charitable endeavors and donation of services as well as the initiation of projects that benefit the community as regards sexual assault. It is therefore important for organizational members to believe in the need to end sexual assault cases and have sex predators apprehended accordingly.

For instance, the organization should join local NGO affiliations that are recurrently handling sex offense cases as this will provide the administrators with unique networking opportunities that will enable them to meet people with similar needs and interests. Through active community sponsorship, the organization will prove to the public its goal to and commitment to handle sex offense cases by ensuring that significant amount of money and other resources are invested in contributory factors to support sexually assaulted victims and help sue sex predators making sure that they are arrested and convicted for their wrongdoing (Lee, Neeley & Stewart, 2018). Launching public campaigns against sex offenses will surely go a long way in convincing the community that the company is indeed against any sex offenders, be it within the organization or without. In addition to the scout-specific policies, BSA seeks to use the new organization that is yet to be launched to ensure that our staff members and other community members will acquire values through participating in the association to enable them to make an informed decision as regards sexuality and morality.

As a show of commitment to nurturing young people in the direction of ethics and morality, the association will be obligated in molding and be meeting the needs of assaulted people to help them overcome the trauma and cooperate whenever necessary to ensure that sex predators are dealt with according to the provisions of the law. Most importantly, however, the association will see to it that the organization is more involved in community-related events to help foster a positive image of collectivity and a sense of belonging in a bid to create goodwill amongst members of the public (Lee, 2007). Through offering in-kind gifts to the offended persons and supplies to needy persons in the community will get BSA's name out just as effectively as monies would do while creating opportunities for prospective donors and partners to have a lasting positive impression of the organization and what it stands for.

Moreover, we seek to encourage all BSA to stay actively involved in community activities by attending a societal event and staying abreast of current issues and assault news to help deal with the evolving nature of related crimes. This will help them know how to deal with victims by encouraging them to face the future bravely while facing their past enthusiastically to help create a positive image before the public while genuinely remaining favorable to the community. The more congenial and proactive the organization's relationship with the community is, the more productive the public relations campaign will be in enabling BSA to regain its public image.

Government Relations Tactics: An Essential Part of Public Relations Campaign

Building relations with governmental leaders and elected officials will be of immense help in improving the organization's positive image. To ensure that our public relations strategy is successful, we will acquaint the officials, especially those dealing with abuse cases and human rights to create a favorable impression should they be requested by journalists to comment on the current crisis. Smith (2007) notes that it is critical to making friends with government officials, politicians and policymakers long before an occasion presents itself where good government relations may be of assistance. Prudent government relations are vital in creating lasting social relations that may change the communication landscape of the organization in achieving its public relations endeavors. Social networking will enable the organization to develop an attractive impression that will get more elected officials and government agencies to join and support BSA in its operations. This will create an assurance for the company that they will surely be supported in the bid to redeem their public image through positive comments that engage community members while arousing the target audiences (Lee, Neeley & Stewart, 2018).

News Release

Boys Scout of America

Address, Physical location


For Immediate Release Friday, August 23, 2018

Boys Scout of America Ltd regrets the saddening revelations on the gross violation of our late employee and scoutmaster, Donald Dennis for violating the rights of our boy scouts and abusing them sexually.

While the information was not revealed to the relevant company officials for immediate assistance as appropriated by the company code of conduct, we want to apologize to the community that has always welcomed us with warm hearts, the general public that we are committed to serve, and most importantly, with utmost humility, the 17 boys and many others who may have been violated but have not shared their ordeal with relevant officials.

It is in this light that we promise full cooperation with the criminal justice system to bring to the book sex predators who keep violating the ethical and moral standards of our community. Additionally, we invite the community as a whole, the families of the victims and the entire populace to an event that will take place on Tuesday, 2nd September, where we will launch a Campaign dubbed "Sex Predators belong in Jail" to encourage all silent sex assault victims to come out, speak and spell out their molesters. A Toll-Free Number will be provided then for anonymity purposes.

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is a non-profit organization with the mission of preparing the youth to make moral and ethical choices throughout their lives, and we commit ourselves to provide a safe environment for our boys.

For more information log onto the organization website:

Contact Information

Content, Style, and Essentials of a News Release in a PR Campaign

The role that press releases play in a public relations strategy is rather indisputable as the short, compelling documents are crucial in detailing announcements, activities, and messages that assuredly improve a company's reputation. A news release is a short, written document issued by a company to convey positively connotated, newsworthy details on a given matter to the journalist community and general public directly through ensuring that the releases are available on the company's website and indirectly through publishing the information in newspapers.

It is important to have all the generic features in a news release to ensure that multiple communicative purposes are codified therein. Building on Catenaccio's features of per-formulating a lasting positive impression among the targeted populace Smith (2007), it is paramount to doctor the contents of a news release in a pre-formulated, positive connotation linking the information to the objectives with the company a prominent company logo and information on how to attain further assistance. The text should, therefore, be formatted in a short, precise manner and presented as a story that captures the subconscious mind of the journalist community and the target audience convincingly expressing regret and how the organization takes serious sexual offenses. Thus, the news release should have the essential structural formulation that identifies critical features of the genre (Catenaccio, 2008). The essentials include the announcement, elaboration of the story at hand, subjective and objective measures against sexual assault cases and respective sex predators, recovery programs for victims, brief company description and contact details for aggrieved parties to anonymously voice in their ordeal and receive instant assistance.


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