The Major Trends and Forces Changing the Marketing Landscape in Aviation

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Date:  2022-04-14


Changes occurring in the market landscape are forcing organizations to be dynamic. Many of the marketing companies are trying to reconsider their techniques as the sensational changes are sometimes proving to be difficult. In order to remain powerful and influential in the market around the globe, the aviation companies are forced to strategize on new market plans. However, to do this, the companies should consider several forces that have proven to be dominant in changing the market scene. In light of this statement, the major forces that are changing the marketing landscape are rapid globalization, feasible marketing, technology, and the dynamic economy.

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Rapid globalization has proven to be a significant factor that has influenced the marketing arena in aviation. With the many inventions and improvement in technology, the world has become small, and the marketing companies are closer than before to their clients. There are many aviation companies in the worldwide that need to remain relevant in the marketing domain. In order to do this, technology has influenced many communication and advertisement gadgets that the companies can reach to the customers. Companies are also marketing their products through the internet, and since all organizations are using this channel, competition and rivalry are evident. Marketers need to come up with new strategies to embrace their brand image and win the loyalty and trust of the customers globally.

Also, as companies look forward to promote their products through marketing, the issue of moral and social obligation regarding their activities is prominent. Organizations are required to take duties for their activities as per the code of marketing and business ethics. Feasible marketing is essential to the environment and the society. With the advancement in technology, marketers are keen on following steps that are will enhance environmental sustainability. As organizations are keen ion making profits, the society, which is constituted individuals who are potential clients, also need to be put into the equation. Engaging in activities that might destroy the environment or increase air pollution leading to ozone layer depletion and global warming are a concern.

Furthermore, the world's dynamic economies of respective countries which are potential customers influence marketing sector in aviation. With different organizations having respective prices on their products and services, the test that the drifting economies are posing is whether the organizations can adjust their offers to the current situation. The challenge for marketing firms is to cope with the situation and also try and tap new markets. Competitors are also using the circumstances and are taking chances to outdo the rivals in the market. Significantly, customers are also affected by the economic changes and are more forced to compare the options they have before accepting a product or service from the marketers.


In conclusion, the forces that are proving to be influential in the marketing landscape include advancement in rapid globalization, dynamic economy, and sustainable marketing. As globalization is increasingly creating a smaller world, many marketers are now connected to customers. At the same time, as marketing in the past has proven to be driven by profit-making, today marketers are also re-examining social values and environmental sustainability. Finally, relationships with customers have proven to be significant in new developments in marketing. Smart marketers are now taking advantage of new opportunities by having strong relationships with clients, marketing partners, and social, economic, and political world around their activities.

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