The Kingdoms of the Frank Essay

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Date:  2022-05-15

According to Peter Lasko, the Frankish territory was the kingdom under the rule of Frank's leaders during early and late medieval period. It was during this time when, the leadership of this territory was under kinship, until early in the ninth century when there was a vast expansion of the empire. According to Lasko, Franks was a segment of Germanic who was occupying the Germans Rhine valley (Kim and Hyun, pg. 156-187). According to the writer, this group identified it as Salinas, Ripuarians, and Chatti, and they were said to share much in common. Such as language and power exercise. This kingdom was identified, through its punitive expeditions attacks to its neighbors as a way of amassing vast territory. Towards the center of 3d Centaury AD, they started entering the Roman region; however, they were taken back by the Roman Emperor Probus, but this didn't silence them. In the year 358, empire Julian gave his territory to Toxandaria situated between the river Meuse and Scheldt towards the Salina. It gave Franks a great opportunity befriending the Romans who then decided to offer troops of soldiers (Kim and Hyun, pg. 156-187).

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Due to their high political civilization, the Frank kingdom was able to establish the firm and unshaken territory. Under their able leaders, they divided themselves into; several taxonomic groups which were under chiefs known as" reguli. Among these groups were Merovingians which was under the authority of Merowen chief. Later, the kingdom experienced, serious leadership overthrown trials which led the successor of Merowen, Childeric to flee to exile until the Roman Empire was defeated. The fact that these leaders had vast knowledge in leadership, even when their leader was in exile, his son was able to control the kingdom (Kim and Hyun, pg. 156-187). Nevertheless, they formed several groups which aided then to conquer the neighboring territory of Gaul which led to the unification of all Frank's countries and later converted to Christianity.

Therefore, the franks now got an opportunity of expanding all their vast acquired territories which extended to the pinnacle of the Charlemagne kingdom. The kingdom divided itself into two, West Frankish (France) and East Frankish (Germany). Moreover, this unification and civilization were said to strengthen this kingdom (Kim and Hyun, pg. 156-187). Also, this community didn't not only focus on the successive punitive expeditions of amassing territories, but they had they're their own culture. It was evident in the archeological remains of their skeletons buried in a particular manner. There was also, remains of different types of weapons they were using, remains of other artifacts such jewelry, bits of clothes, etc. lastly the most famous prominent grave of Childeric was discovered by the archeological at Tournai. In this tomb, they found remains of the kings gold rings and other vital tools. It means that these people had the culture of burying their people in their possession because they believed in life after death. Nevertheless, this kingdom was much endowed by natural resources which made to become more wealthy and influential. For instance, their remains of horse heads signified that it had significant troupes of heads which used to carry their army chariots.

In my view I think that, the reason which made this kingdom to be able to carry several attacks to their neighbors, is that they had already realized how the land was rich in gold and so they were aiming at occupying it for them to poses all the wealthy in the region.

Work Cited

Kim, Hyun J. "The Legacy Of The Huns." The Huns. Routledge, 2015. 156-187.

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