Comparing Slave Colonies in the USA and in Caribbean or Brazil

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Slavery is an act of molesting people for one's selfish needs. Most of the European nations in the early years used Africans and Asians to work for them on various farms or any other aspects with no pay. These slaves were beaten, or other harsh actions were done unto them.

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Slavery in Virginia was radical. It is dated to around 1619. In that year; Virginia became an English colony by London Virginia Company. This London Virginia Company transported slaves to this colony for manual labor. These manual laborers were brought in from various parts of the world mainly from other British colonies from either Africa or Asia. These slaves worked under very harsh conditions in that there was no provision for food or any other thing that could make the slaves comfortable.

In the 18th century, Jamaica and Haiti became the largest slave destinations one on one with Brazil. Due to a large number of colonialists going to Haiti and Jamaica, the need for more and more slaves was required to work in their large plantations as laborers. Other slaves were used as home workers for the larger number of colonialists that was growing rapidly. These indoor workers were mainly women. These women prepared food for the colonialists and even went ahead to clean the clothes for the families with no pay at the end of everything.

There was very a high death rate in the Caribbean resulting as compared to birth rates. The main reason behind this is that the slaves were not with their families. The stronger men from the slaves' families were taken to slavery. Most of the slaves died on the slavery mission due to lack of food or even too much molestation of the slaves by the harsh masters. Other slaves were raped and tortured by their masters. Most of the masters were not giving in to any ideas provided by their slaves. Some slaves were even beaten to death by their masters.

The first African workers first appeared in Virginia in 1619 by the private developers by a Spanish ship that they had intercepted. This was a very great number of slaves from Africa. These African slaves were used in various farm plantations by the private developers in Virginia. Barbados became an English colony in the year 1624 whereas Jamaica was taken over as a colony in the year 1655. The British took over these two colonies and resulted in the intensification of slavery in the two British colonies of the Caribbean. By the time it clicked to the year 1778, French had imported approximately 1300 Irish and Africans for enslavement into the French West Indies.

The Africans who were baptized to Christians in Virginia were referred to as indentured servants. These indentured servants also worked but were not working as compared to the slavery working. The indentured Africans felt much better, and they were happier compared to their earlier enslaved style of living in the Virginia.

The high rising number of slaves in the Caribbean made sugarcane production possible. The slaves worked in very large sugarcane plantations thus resulted eventually in very high sugarcane production. The slaves worked so hard on the farms forcefully. This forceful working by the slaves made the production of sugarcane in the region to rise gradually.

The laws were finally coded in the 17th century into Virginia`s first slave code in the year 1705. These laws were very impacting in the various ways that the act of slavery was to be conducted in the colony. By the year 1650, approximately 800 Africans were living in Virginia. This gradual increase in the number of Africans in the Virginia was as a result of the bringing in of the slaves into the colony.

As a result of the low technological levels in the Caribbean, the labor required became very much intensive. Instead of using machinery on the large plantations in the Caribbean, very large number of slaves was required to work in those very large plantations. One percent of the approximate population of 80000 people was of European ancestry and English. These were not slaves but were the indentured laborers in Virginia. There was an approximately large number of 4000 white indentured servants who worked out their loans to the passage money to Virginia.

The act of slavery was first abolished by the French Republic in the year 1794 in all of the French colonies. This act resulted in the ending of the slavery in the French colonies. In the French West Indies, they began to reinstate the act of slavery in the year 1802. They began to impose back slavery in all of their colonies so that the slaves could work for them in their large extensive plantations.

In Virginia, many slaves had earned freedom and were eventually given 50 acres of land so that they could bring up their tobacco since tobacco was grown on the large scale in Virginia. They began to grow their tobacco in very large plantations, and this resulted to the indentured laborers beginning to develop in their various ways.

In the year 1807, Britain abolished the slave trade in its colonies in the Caribbean. By the year 1833, the Great Britain abolished slavery. This resulted to the enslaved servants to acquire freedom for their first time since the time they were taken into slavery. Britain was the first colonial power to take ease of the slaves that had been taken into slavery by colonial powers. In Virginia, indentured laborers acquired lands. One major disadvantage that the indentured laborers had to face on their farms was that the surveyors were not cooperative enough to survey the lands for these new ownerships. This resulted in the difference in sizes of ownership of lands. Other land owners could have very large farms whereas others acquired very small strips of farms.

By the year 1815, France abolished slave trade by Napoleon. That was not enough, and thus, slavery was re-abolished in the year 1848. The abolition of the slave trade in the new British colony of Trinidad was affected by the increasing shortage of labor. This became was when the slave trade was finally abolished in the year 1833. Trinidad finally took part in the importation of indentured servants beginning from the 1830s until the year 1917. On approaching the end of the 17th century, there was an introduction of a very large number of African slaves that were brought by Dutch and English slave ships to the Virginia colony. These slaves that were brought into Virginia were the ones supposed to work on very large plantations in the colony hence resulting to harassing and mistreatment of the slaves by their masters. These masters were very hostile to the slaves and other slaves died as a result of beatings, and others were suffering psychologically in minds.

In conclusion, colonization in these states resulted in both positive and negative impacts on the society. Weighing these negative and positive impacts, one can outweigh the other according to one`s decisions. Thus, this colonization process brought in both the good and the bad impacts on the society.


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